Warding Off Negative Energy From 40+

By: admin July 28, 2019

You know how you wake up in the morning to check Facebook, all to see a post you made many years back popping up on your timeline as a memory?
To Confront Or Not Confront A Perpetrator [PART 1]

By: admin March 20, 2019

THIS IS NOT ME. I will definitely come for you bearing fangs. I don’t see pretending not to know as a grace. Unless you are cooking up an unpleasant surprise
Who Is Knacking Your Future Wife?
Who Is Knacking Your Future Wife?

By: Peace October 24, 2018

Slightly distasteful description but simply the hard truth. Sometimes it’s difficult to find who to blame: The bachelor or the economy? My Dad got married when he was 26 years
The Reward Of Being A Good Teacher

By: admin July 6, 2018

I grew up in the era of public schools, where being insanely strict was thought to be the best way to educate a child. It was an era where teachers
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