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10 Jobs That Make It Difficult For Men To Intimately Satisfy Their Wives

Women need their men to spend quality time with them and shower them with loads of love, care and affection which is the top priority of every marriage.

In Nigeria, there are certain jobs that deprive men from satisfying their wives romantically and intimately. This may be due to long hours of working, and the strenuous nature of the jobs and which puts them in a position to starve their wives of romance and intimacy

Without wasting here, below are the categories of these jobs:

1. Banking Jobs

Banking job is one of the time-consuming jobs coupled with stress and fatigue which might perhaps cause a lot of psychological damage to men. The nature of banking jobs demand that a man resumes very early at dawn and goes home at odd hour at night. At the end of the day, the man arrives home at mid night with much fatigue which makes it difficult for him to satisfy his wife except during weekends.

2. Importing and Exporting

International successful business men such as Alaba boys who are car importers, electronic importers, etc are always worried about their containers and the delivery of goods to their customers. They spend more time traveling than staying with their wives at home. Sometimes, their wives are forced to cheat on them when they’re being starved of lovemaking.

3. Military and Paramilitary Jobs

Occupations such as Army, Airforce, Navy, etc, are jobs that doesn’t give room for men to spend quality time with their wives, especially those ones sent the war front to fight for peace and justice. However, some of them may travel for months without having the privilege to set their eyes on their wives. By the reason of this, some of them resort to sugar mummies while in active service

4. Entertainment Jobs (Acting, Modeling and Singing)

Celebrities are usually restless and only spend a short fraction of time with their wives because they’re wanted here and there. Most of these celebrated men womanize a lot that they might serve their wife of romance and affection. Last week, I was discussing my future plans with my fiancee when I told her about my interest in “acting”.

She flared up and started curses and abusive words on me, threatening me to consider her gone with the claim that she can’t consider dating a man that will starve her joystick after marriage. Tosyne2much, the man of God, just shook his head and quickly turned it to a joke because I don’t want to lose her cool

5. Aviation Jobs (Piloting)

Pilots too are always busy traveling from one country to another after which they will return home after a few days. Most of them might even travel for two weeks before returning home. Their chances of satisfying their women is very relatively low

6. Logistics and Driving

The stress and danger of this job reduces the intimate performance of men which makes their wives unsatisfied. One cannot blame Dangote or the Young Shall Grow drivers who travel miles away for for several weeks without rest. These men are likely to under-perform at the end of the day.

7. Sports (Footballers, Athletes, etc)

This occupation demands that men refrain themselves from s*x so as not to lose fitness. Some of them are forced to avoid making love with their wives so that they can prevail in their career. Most Nigerian footballers are not so disciplined in this area that’s why many of them who themselves strikers find it difficult to score 2 goals in a season.

8. Sailing

This occupation also keeps men away from their wives for a very long time. Sometimes, they travel on the sea for as long as three months before they return home. To be very frank and sincere, this job deprives them from spending time with their wives when they’re in need of them.

9. Medical Jobs

Medical experts such as surgeon and doctors are usually very occupied with a lot of work as patients keep disturbing them every now and then. Many a time, some of them come home tired and may not perform more than 30 seconds before they climax. KingTom, I throway salute cool

10. Engineering Jobs

To be very sincere with you, engineering job is very strenuous. They are always at site working tirelessly in order not to disappoint those who gave them contracts. They come home very tired and exhausted and can use cutlass on any woman that disturbs their sleep.

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