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11 Countries With The Largest Penis Size

BLOW JOBOkay, so I’ve been getting series of silly ‘enlarge your penis’ emails from a guy named Sir Gabriel who says he’s a penis enlarging expert.

The first time I got a mail from him, I paid him no attention because I do not have a penis, let alone one that needs enlarging. But after I got more than ten of such mails in one week it got me thinking that penis size may actually be considered a big deal among both sexes.

The men who feel they are less endowed  may suffer from self-esteem issues while the ladies may not want to settle for a guy they see as less endowed.

I feel inspired to have this penis talk in another blog segment because I know a lot of married ladies who have felt short-changed, especially those who decided to wait until their wedding night before having sexual intercourse with their partners. Everyone seems to shy away from this topic because it is somewhat ’embarassing’ to talk about. So the dangerous job of belling the cat has now been left for Deeva to handle.

For now, I want to break the ice on a lighter note by telling you the top eleven countries with the largest average penis size.

According to 11points.com, a fairly controversial psychology professor from Northern Ireland published a report where he analyzed penis sizes in 116 countries. He based his results on other people’s studies and reported data. It’s not as if he was walking around the 116 countries with a tape measure before drawing his conclusions. 

Without much ado, the 11 countries with the most endowed men are…

  1. Democratic Republic of  Congo (average of 7.06 inches erect)
  2. Ecuador (7.0)
  3. The other “Evil” Congo (6.82)
  4. Ghana (6.81)
  5. Colombia (6.7)
  6. Venezuela (6.7)
  7. Lebanon (6.62)
  8. Cameroon (6.56)
  9. Iceland (6.5)
  10. Sudan (6.48)
  11. Jamaica (6.42)

Yes, sub-Saharan Africa and northern South America are very well represented. And Iceland gets the “How the hell did they sneak in there?” award.

And now, the other side. The 11 countries with the pants are:

  1. North Korea (average 3.8 inches erect)
  2. South Korea (3.8)
  3. Cambodia (3.95)
  4. Thailand (4.0)
  5. India (4.03)
  6. Taiwan (4.24)
  7. Philippines (4.27)
  8. Sri Lanka (4.29)
  9. China (4.29)
  10. Japan (4.3)
  11. Hong Kong (4.41)

Now we can understand why North Korea is so pissed at the world…making nuclear weapons for mass destruction. They got the short end of the stick! (every pun intended.) Now my mind is wandering naughtily, wondering where Kim Jong-un falls.

Does penis size really matter? According to this study below, it does. Go through the pictorial study results below…



Photo Credit: Madame Noire | InfoGraphics.co | Huffington Post UK



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  3. Hummmm, you get mind publish this o!

    • Hi Emmanuel, Lol!

      Good to have you on my blog. Yes, a lot of relationship problems have prompted me to have a penis talk segment on my blog. The truth is, the very perception of treating these talks as taboo is what is causing a lot of marital problems and resultant divorces even in Christian marriages.

      • Hummm, am sure your Pastor hasn’t read this. Print it out and give him to read and see what happens. Lol. Hahahaha

        • I don’t get you, Archy. What am I supposed to print out? Is it the part where I said treating these talks as taboo have led to friction in marriages or the survey carried out on penis size?

  4. What would you suggest that believers do? “Taste” the manhood of their spouses to be first before they say i do (so as to know if the size is satisfactory)?

    • Maybe you should answer this question first, brother Emmanuel. How many “believers” are concealing their dissatisfaction with their spouses and are comfortable ‘making up’ for it by committing adultery because they think no one is watching? Are most of the Christian theories enforced by Pentecostals today practical enough to solve the peculiar problems some Christian couples face in their marriages? This is a serious issue not to be taken lightly. One can only pray for wisdom to counsel. You, know…I’m dying for you to share your thoughts on this.

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