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12-Year-Old Girl Suspended From School For Selling ‘Sex Toys’ To Her Classmates

girl-sex toys-2A twelve-year-old student at Trinity Lutheran School in Racine, Wisconsin., was suspended for a day after she was accused of peddling sex toys by the principal.

No, she wasn’t busting out handcuffs or edible underwear, but rather something called “water snake wigglies,” she says, with permission from a teacher.

Frances Habeck said that the school principal pulled her out of a basketball game to yell at her about selling sex toys.girl-sex toys-3“It was really, really loud and a lot of people could hear it. People were staring at me,” she said. “I started crying.”

She explained that she was trying to make a $1 profit on each one she sold and that she read online the water-filled bags helped children with autism.

For what it’s worth, on Amazon right now is a comparable product referred to as a “tactile autism fidget toy.”

Milt Habeck, the girl’s father, is speaking out about the suspension in an attempt to clear his daughter’s name.

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“In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy, this is a water-filled bag,” he said. “It’s nuts, because the principal]is an adult. She should know better. She should know that this has nothing to do with sex.”

But there are two sides to every story, and the school is stating the students sexualized the water snake wigglies.

Here is part of their statement:

via: TMJ4

The school pastor said the incident went to the school board and the board sided with the principal. He declined commenting on the details of the situation because the student in question is a minor.

Her father, however, vowed to continue fighting the school to have her suspension rescinded and “clear her name.”

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