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2-Year-Old Girl Left In Coma After Her Uncle Raped Her

rape-2 year oldThis is one very sad story. According to an information an unknown medical personnel shared on social media, a little girl is in the hospital after being molested by her dad’s younger brother.

The 2-year-old was left in the care of her uncle while both parents were away. The mother had gone for a meeting in church and returned to find her daughter had been abused by her brother-in-law.

The girl reportedly went through so much trauma that she has become numb and cannot respond to pain.

The sharer of this story did not say what became of the uncle but it is clear that there needs to be a law in place with punishment severe enough to deter these beasts.

Rape, especially of children, has become uncomfortably common and must be curbed.

The question is, how do you educate a 2-year-old about the dangers of rape? Kids at that age can barely even talk, for Christ’s sake. What do they know?



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