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21 Year-Old Nigerian Wins Muslim Miss World Contest [EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS]

MISS MUSLIMA Nigerian, Obabiyi Aisha Ajibola has won the 3rd Muslimah World…a world beauty pageant exclusively for Muslim women.

The contest which took place in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Wednesday, saw Miss Ajibola tearfully praying and reciting Koranic verses as she was declared the winner.

The 20 finalists, who were all required to cover up their bodies from head to toe; with their head covered completely in headscarves, put on a glittering show as they strutted up and down in elaborately embroidered dresses and stilettos.

The contestants were judged based on their beauty and how well they recited Koranic verses…as well as their views on Islam in the modern world. The show took place in front of an audience of mainly religious scholars and devout Muslims.

Eka Shanti, who founded the pageant three years ago after losing her job as a TV news anchor for refusing to remove her headscarf, say this contest is “Islam’s answer to Miss World”. Shanti told AFP:

“This year we deliberately held our event just before the Miss World final to show that there are alternative role models for Muslim women.”

Aisha received 25 million rupiah ($2,200) and trips to Mecca and India as prizes. Congrats, to her.

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