26 Year Old Nigerian Man Marries 63 Year Old American Grandmother [MY #DEEVANALYSIS]


COUGAR-DELTA BOY-1A 26 year old Nigerian man, Daniel Okoko recently married a 63 year old American grandmother, Cynthia Banes.

The wedding took place in Warri Delta State. What caught my eye wasn’t the huge age difference between the couple, it was the social media comments and the blog headlines…bwahahaha!!!

COUGAR-DELTA BOY-2“26 year old toyboy marries 63 year old cougar!”…”Toyboy marries grandma for green card”, some blog headlines read; and check these top 2 comments from people below:

“Being a Toyboy and looking for Green Card are two different issues. But N*gga….you just need to put yourself out there.

There are better girls than this. I see his kind all the time in The States. They disgust me. Low self-esteem. I rank my gay friends higher in the respect table. Utter disgrace to African Masculinity. Make Baba God bless your hustle sha.”

“What a complete idiot! So you can’t hustle hard, save up and then travel to the states on your own? Unfortunately this hungry man will still end up in The States trying to chase hotter chicks and then the old granny go teach am the meaning of ‘white power!'”

COUGAR-DELTA BOY-3Human beings are the most vindictive people on this planet. Since the beginning of time, a lot of marriages have been contracted more for mutual benefits than genuine love.

The king of England gives out his son in marriage to a Spanish princess for peace to reign between both kingdoms. A British queen marries a German prince to improve international relations between both countries. Two warring kings make their children marry to guarantee a treaty between them. Two billionaires agree for their children to marry to enhance their business partnership and preserve the wealth between both families. A man with a political ambition uses his beautiful daughter as bait for his godfather. I could go on and on.

So, how is this marriage now different? Young guy wants to live the American Dream and so he tries to secure a green card. White lady needs a strong black dick to keep her warm on those coldddddd winter nights. Mutual benefits. They hook up and get married, you’re they cussing the couple out, probably with your almost dead android phone and last bowl of soaking garri.

The truth is the lady is glowing and looks really good for a 63-year-old white woman. Meaning she’s getting her own end of the bargain pretty well. We just pray our Naija brother’s hustle pays off. So long as he continues hitting the spot, I see no problems at all.

Marriage for mutual benefit will remain long after we are gone. *sips tea*


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