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3 Things About The ‘Lilian Esoro – Ubi Franklin’ Divorce That Made Me RME

ubi-franklin-lilian-esoroArticle written by Chioma Nnani of PulseNg. Read…

Let me start by saying that it doesn’t matter how many times anyone explains a ‘celebrity marriage’ to me; I don’t understand it … and I think the person(s) who coined that phrase, needs to find a real job.

Now, that’s out of the way – so, we read that Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin are warming up for a nasty divorce. Three things that made me roll my eyes so far, that I almost saw my brain:

  1. The things that Instagram will cause …

It appears that it’s not only bloggers, fans and haters who can know state of your marriage or relationship from Instagram; you can also be informed that you’re dating, engaged, being cheated on, pregnant, have given birth to triplets or about to be divorced on Instagram.

People started to conclude that all wasn’t well in the Esoro-Franklin household because he did one of those saccharine shout-outs that people are so crazy about, on Instagram, and she didn’t even answer; this was after she missed the opening of his restaurant (or was it a bar?) I know I sound like an ignoramus, but weren’t people getting married and having stable relationships or tiffs, before they discovered social media? If it isn’t TeeBillz faking a meltdown on Instagram, it’s Toyin A regaling/horrifying us with the yet another installment of her looks-like-a-hot-mess-of-a-reality-television-show life.ubi-franklin-lilian-esoro-c2Believe me, I get how difficult it is to be quiet when you’re really happy or down in the dumps, but it is possible. Because I’m one of those very boring people who micro-manages any information about my personal life that shows up on social media, I find it really weird that people who should be using social media as a marketing tool for their careers, prefer to use it to invite the world and their mother’s dog into every fight.

2. The desire to ‘show’ haters

I wanted to cry when I read that Ubi proposed four times. To the same person. See eh, if you have to propose more than once, someone is doing something very wrong. In fact, if you are surprised by a proposal or the answer (the goal is usually to get a ‘Yes’), someone is doing something that they shouldn’t, or isn’t doing something that they should be doing. Some people will know that a situation is not working, but will stay there in order to prove something to ‘haters’. There was this bride who made her bridal train take a walk in Shoprite, because she wanted to show her rival …

3. Emma Nyra

OK, so some would have put this first; but I love to save the best for last. I don’t know what went on in the marriage between Ms Esoro and the father of her child; I read an allegation of domestic violence.

Which makes me really p*ssed at Ms Esoro … because we all saw when she made Emma Nyra look like a bitter wench, who cried wolf for no reason. I cannot get my head around any woman who knows that a man is violent, because she knows his ex isn’t lying, but goes on to marry the man – only to run out and expect sympathy.

Chic, what brand of expired orange rinds and ganja are you smoking? It’s like those women desperate to flip you the bird, who run into a particular Facebook group, simply because they have heard someone they don’t like, complain. Then, they whinge about how badly they were treated and look for who to lick their wounds for them.

This may seem harsh, but I honestly believe any woman who does what the likes of Lilian Esoro did (in making another woman who earlier cried ‘abuse’ look like a liar) is a really disgusting human being.



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