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3 Year Old Boy Left Severely Burnt, Almost Blinded And Fighting For life After Falling Into Blazing Fire In Benue [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

BURNT BOY-BENUE-1Benue State-born activist Ukan Kurugh has called on well meaning Nigerians to come to the aid of family of a 3-year-old Boy, who sustained horrific burns after falling into fire.

On September 20, little Fanen walked unnoticed into the kitchen and collapsed into the brazing fire at his parent’s home in Adikpo, Kwande Local Government Area of the State.BURNT BOY-BENUE-2

Read his post below:

“I met them at the point when they had given up due to lack of finances and the seeming impossibility of getting Fanen healed. A friend convinced them to wait and then called me over. The condition is bad that, if not for those who were close to him, one wouldn’t even recognize little Fanen. He has a depressed face and half chopped nose, a severed wrist and a hand wrapped in bandage. One of his eyes is almost blinded. The pain can be better imagined than told as the discomfort he is going through can be clearly seen. He cries all day and all night. Permit me to tell his story.

Fanen and his parents who hail from Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State are resident at Adikpo. His Father who is a subsistent farmer revealed that, on the 20th of September, 2017, while the entire family was at home, little Fanen walked unnoticed into the kitchen and collapsed into the brazing fire from which food had just been prepared. His screams attracted attention for rescue but then the harm had already been done.

Fanen was therefore rushed to St. Monica’s Hospital, Adikpo where the medical personnel could not even find a vein to administer drip. For fear of greater danger, they were referred to Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi. On reaching Makurdi, the FMC was on strike and so they went to Hope Clinic, Wadata-Makurdi, there too, after a couple of weeks the hospital explained that, it could not handle his case.

Pathetically, waking up one of the mornings, Fanen’s hand which was badly burnt, the wrist from the hand fell off and the arm bone is visible. That friend who had called me, before I could show up had taken them to Kings Park Polyclinic where the doctor remarked that, the condition could be better handled at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital, who are even on strike.

When I met them and in the course of a facebook Live stream, a medical doctor at the Foundation Memorial Hospital, Makurdi, Ngutor Faajir invited that I bring him over. In his examination, he noted that, the condition was severe and needed quick action and recommended that, Fanen be admitted.

Today, they did debridement and dressing of the wound in the operation theatre under anaesthesia and informed thereafter that, advice of plastic and reconstructive surgeons as well as orthopedic surgeons to consider his eye too. In all of this Dr. Ngutor explained that, they would continue to manage the burns in a sterile manner but observed that, in the end, he will need orbitoplastic and reconstructive surgery. His right hand would be amputated from the elbow downwards hence it has become deeply infected and there are little chances that, his right eye which was deeply affected will be saved. So, Fanen and his father are now at Foundation Hospital.

Fellow Nigerians and the good people out there, please let us come to the aid of this poor child who desires life like we all do. May we look at him and his father with pitiful eyes and come to their rescue. His father has no phone nor bank account and for the numerous number of cases I have at hand, I would prefer that, contributions for his care be sent into the doctor’s account. The doctor is the one handling some of my patients and he is a good and honest man. The treatment and accommodation fee for not less than 21 days has been approximated to cost N206,000 excluding the fee for orthopedic experts that would be engaged and can only be determined when they come and make their assessment.  May God bless us as we do.
For confirmation, visit or directions, I can be reached on mobile: 08069082285 or Dr. Ngutor Faajir on 07084780800.



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