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5 Nigerian Guys Reveal How Gay Men Made Passes At Them

black male coupleI’ve noticed that most straight Nigerian men have an extremely low tolerance for gay men. In fact, they are most likely to be extremely hostile to a gay man who dares to make a pass at them.

I’ve read some social media comments where straight guys have threatened to “burst the lips” or even kill any gay guy who dares to touch them ‘funny.’

So I went on to compile some experiences some straight Nigerian men have had with their gay counterpart to see if Nigerian men are really homophobic. Read…

Hassan says:

“I got to the mosque during the sermon; spread my mat sideways, so other people can sit on it.

After a few minutes, a man came and sat close to me.

After greeting each other, I focused on my chaplet. But after a few minutes, I noticed he was staring at a pic of O.C Ukeje on his phone.

I didn’t say anything. Then he started smiling.

Next thing I know, he was rubbing the screen with his hand. I coughed a little to remind him to watch his behaviour because he was in a mosque. Instead of adjusting himself, he moved closer to me and smiled and slowly bit his lower lip.

I freaked out! I just got up, found an empty space and sat there.

I came back for my mat after the prayer and luckily he was gone by then.”

Oseme says:

“I was at a friend’s house party and some random hot ladies were dancing in front of me. I was interested in hooking up with one of them. So I planned to move to where the guys were dancing, bump into one of the ladies and start up a convo as I danced with her.

I’ve never met some of the guys, but you know guys get acquainted with each other quite easily. So this particular guy was consistently dancing in front of me. Then he whispered in my ears that I’m a cute guy and very sexy. I just said thank you and smiled believing it was a harmless compliment.

We just continued dancing and chatting like normal but I was getting worried with the consistent way this guy was looking at me and smiling. Anyhow, I just composed myself sha and was dancing. The next thing he did was to bring his mouth straight to my mouth and about to kiss me.

God forgive me, because that day, this guy got about 1 million slaps from me and I made sure the party ended immediately.

My guy who invited me to the party later told me the gay guy was the son of a wealthy man. I felt so irritated that day and I know his face. Anytime I see him again, I will continue slapping his bleeping ass!! Such a disgusting human!!!”

Peemos said:

“The only time I had an encounter with a gay guy was at work. He slowly moved his mouth closed to my right ear and asked me if I would like him to f*ck me?

The look on my face was priceless as I looked at him. I slowly moved away from the fella. This happened in 2004.

Since then they [gay guys] randomly bump on me on the train. They could be a gay couple… sometimes single. The single one I saw on the train was just acting funny. He wore a miniskirt, lipsticks, high heeled shoes, and was carrying a lady’s hand bag.

And he was checking himself out every minute to see if he looked good enough. The nasty thing was sitting right in front of me.”

Yusuf said:

“My first experience with a gay guy was on the social media platform, Zoopia. I had joined the network sometime 2007 without adding a picture to my profile. I had only about three friends on the forum. Then sometime in 2009 I decided to upload my picture. I started getting friend requests and I accepted some of them. The funny twist to all these requests was that, guys started sending requests and complimenting my looks. Before I could say Jack, I started getting unclad pictures of these gay guys bathing, swimming or doing something while unclad.

Initially, I tried avoiding them…even rejected or ignored some, but when they became persistent with their silly pictures and messages, I started blasting them. After that did not work, I stopped going on the social media altogether. It’s been over three years now I last logged into the forum, but, I still get their friend requests on my email; some from straight people whiles others from gay guys.

God help us, this disease or sickness is spreading fast and these people are getting bold every day. I always pray for the protection of Allah.”

Joseph says:

“I’m a member of a local junior league football team that trains seriously with the hope of one day qualifying to become a member of our national football team. My coach loves to scout around for young talents after which he organizes for our team to compete with other local teams to gain more experience. I’m his best striker as I’m quite good at scoring goals no matter the challenge. Because of this I naturally became favourite player and he usually favours me over the rest team members. One day, after we had just finished training, he said to me: “Joseph I like you, do you like me?” The way he looked at me, his eyes roaming all over my body gave me the creeps. I quietly went home and never returned to the team again. No wonder, I’ve never seen him with a girl for all the years I’ve known him. Coach made several frantic calls after that, begging me to return to the team, that he was only joking with me. I can’t take that chance to return to my gay coach, ever!”

Are you a straight guy? Have you had any experience where a gay guy made a pass at you and how did you react?

Do you think straight Nigerian men are homophobic?

If you’re a gay guy living in Nigeria, I’d like to know how comfortable you feel living in a country with laws that are hostile to the LGBT community. Please share your story.

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