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8 Year Old Boy Learns To Apply Makeup On His Face…The Results Will Blow Your Mind!

ETHAN-1A photo of an eight-year-old boy whose mother arranged to have a makeup tutorial because he wanted to learn the tricks of the trade has swept the internet.

Ethan Willwert, from Florida, US, would watch his mother, Season Willwert, 35, putting on her makeup in the morning and begged to have a tutorial at MAC to try drag and theater styles. ETHAN-3He was given a makeover by artist Joey Killmeyer who styled one half of Ethan’s face, so he could finish off the look by himself – and the young boy seemingly picked up the makeup skills quickly.

Killmeyer posted a selfie from his session with Ethan which went viral with more than 140,000 likes on Facebook.

Season told FEMAIL her son wanted to learn different makeup styles, one of which was drag, so he asked to have it done on himself.ETHAN-4She said: ‘He’s a normal eight-year-old boy who likes to do makeup.’

Season said she completely supports her son’s curiosity and wants to share her message of ‘unconditional love’.

She said the makeup was in no way connected to his sexuality or gender preference.

Season said: ‘He’s too young for that, this is not about gender identity or sexual preference.ETHAN-5This isn’t what he does on a daily basis.

‘He wants to be himself and go to school and go to gymnastics and do well.’

Ethan watched his mother getting ready and applying makeup from a young age.ETHAN-6

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