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“Abi Your Office Dey For Sky?” – Hilarious Viral Video Mocks Buhari’s Change [MUST WATCH]

BUHARI-CHEERS-600x600Nigerians are not smiling again. This is not the ‘Change’ they anticipated at allllllll!

President Muhammadu Buhari has been put on blast in a hilarious new viral video performed by some guy named Kuro and produced by Zoo Music.

The video features a group of apes singing and dancing to a song titled, Change Blues sung to the tune of Harrysong‘s popular track, “Reggae Blues.”

Some of the lyrics of the remixed version…

“After the election wey dem do, we still dey wait for the change.

All the promise wey dem make, e don dey be like say na fake.

Wey the money, wey the food? Cuz everybody wan improve.

Since you come na tears and pain o. We don tire to complain o.”

“You don tear Nigeria into two…you dey rule Nigeria with sentiment.

And take your office do revenge….

Oga Buhari, we dey begi o, make Nigeria no go scatter for your headi o.”

“See as economy just dey fall…and you just dey travel around the world…

Abi your office dey for sky?”

Watch the video…




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