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PBW-GRAVATAR (640x480)My concept of being a Diva starts from the heart. For me ‘Divadom’ is a movement. Its isn’t just about being exceptionally fashionable and stylish. It isn’t about owning an exceptional wardrobe or having access to travel to the most exotic places in the world.

Divadom is a movement that will interrupt your normal train of thoughts and cause you to appraise yourself to see if you have what it takes to earn the “Divarized Stamp”. That’s why this site uses the apt slogan, “Deeva Interrupted.”

If you are able to nurture and preserve life; protect the earth, stay current on what’s happening in our world today [because you care], influence leadership positively, make people laugh, be a pillar that a friend can trust and lean on; tackle your daily challenges and finish up looking like the fresh morning spring,  then you’re on the road to Deevadom because this is where you shall learn how to do it all.

If you fear the Creator and realize you have a purpose to leave the world better than you met it; if you can love hard, make sacrifices and grow in wisdom each day, then we may have just succeeded in interrupting your life in a bid to totally ‘Deevarize’ you.

Welcome to the Deevas Den. A place for the traditional woman who’s ready to sell an image of what is right and not what gives. Remember, information is a tool to wield power and control over every aspect of endeavor.

For the lucky men who have that Deeva or are in search of a Deeva, who will partner with them to produce a seed without defect, a seed that will grow into a young Lion and not a goat, this is also the site for you.

Welcome to a world where what you see is what you seize!

Peace Ben Williams

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