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Abuja Big Girls Fight Over Senator Dino Melaye After His Arrest [PHOTOS]

dino-abuja big girlsOn Tuesday, April 24, Dino Melaye, a Senator representing the Kogi West senatorial district was rushed to the hospital after he jumped off a moving police van around Area 1 roundabout in Abuja that was conveying him to a court in Lokoja, Kogi state.

His arrest has also gotten some suspected Abuja big girls to wash their dirty laundry in public. One Sadiya Ahmed Marshall took to her Facebook profile to call out her friend, Natasha Akpoti for abandoning Melaye after his predicament. She revealed that Akpoti shouldn’t have done that after the senator allegedly lavished money in buying her expensive cars and Golds, Diamonds and other luxury items.

Marshall’s post reads:

“Ajakuta princess, Madam Lawyer is payback time, get ready to defend your wounded lion along Abuja lokoja road in the name of love with all the GLKs etc you-received. Aje kun ya nuje. She joined him to fight the Governor and after eating with Dino she has disappeared.”dino-abuja big girls-2

This post got another friend concerned. Gimbiya Mina decided to call out Marshall and advised her not to go on social media to insult Akpoti. Her reply read:

“Pls Sadiya do not write things like this about Natasha H Akpoti it’s unfair.”

The war of words did not end there as Marshall added that:

“Mina I did not mention name beside If you said Natasha is who Am refer inga to then you are in the best position to no Natasha lived with me and is still a friend but for these who said she is married that’s not true she was not anymore beside what was she thinking to come on social media and support Dino and insult yahaya Bello or is he her mate?

like I told her I will tell you is ok to date a senator but is not ok to join him in his dirty fight against his Governor who is your Governor knowing that you have a bright future in your state beside a lot claim they’re still married when we no they are not, yes she had kids with different men but was married once so enough.”

dino-abuja big girls-3dino-abuja big girls-4 dino-abuja big girls-5 dino-abuja big girls-6Mina was not ready to give up as she took to her Facebook profile to share a picture of Marshall with the caption:

“Bolanle has f**ked you, my elder brother too has f**ked you, all the Abuja guys have seen your pant… Dat’s how you slept with your first husband’s father and they had to divorce you, idiot of your type, barren goat.” dino-abuja big girls-7 dino-abuja big girls-8 dino-abuja big girls-9



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