Abuja Blogger, Amanda Chisom Exposes Fake Friends Who Destroyed Her In A Group Chat | #Deevanalysis


AMANDA CHISOM Amanda Chisom is an Abuja-based blogger, but she is more popular on Facebook as a media influencer.

She posted these screenshots yesterday evening. Someone drew her attention to a group of women she considered as friends tearing her apart in a group chat.

These women whom her informant named as Katchy, Zobba, Jhoy, Claire, Vivian, and Falade seem to have a problem with Amanda’s age and the fact that she is picky over choosing a man to marry.

I leave you to read the screenshots of the gossip as shared by Amanda herself…AMANDA GOSSIP-1 AMANDA GOSSIP-2 AMANDA GOSSIP-3 AMANDA GOSSIP-4 AMANDA GOSSIP-5 AMANDA GOSSIP-6

AMANDA GOSSIP-16 AMANDA GOSSIP-17 AMANDA GOSSIP-18 AMANDA GOSSIP-19MY DEEVANALYSISOkay, I must confess that it was quite aching reading through such acidic comments coming especially from women about a fellow woman and moreso from people Amanda called “her friends.”

My deevanalysis on this topic is not necessarily to advise anyone because first and foremost, I do not know any of these women so I can only form an opinion of them based on what they have written. Secondly, they clearly do not need any advice. I’m only dropping my thoughts for people who may wish to read, learn and make a detour if they’ve been living a greater part of their productive lives on social media, it’s fakeness, unhealthy competition and poisonous influences.AMANDA AND FRIENDS-CVMost people like Amanda (left) make their living from being influencers on social media. So sometimes, they can’t help but interact or mingle with social media users (like gossip girls to the right). I do not know Amanda, but I follow her on Facebook. Once in a while a friend would tag me on her post. If I were to describe her, I’d say she’s witty and has a way with words. Would I say she’s intelligent? Yes. Other than that, I know nothing more.

But going by what I have read from the screenshots, I’d say she’s one of the few who failed to separate her personal life from her work (social media) life and as such, it may have gotten her into trouble. Amanda claims those acidic comments are not true and those women based their gossip on assumptions. She did admit Zobba tried to hook her up with the dude living in South Africa though, but she has never met any of these women in real life!AMANDA GOSSIP-20Katchy posted this sub I suspect was meant for Amanda or Amonia? And did Amanda comment innocently?

Let me just drop this. NOBODY just ups and makes you a trending topic in their forum if you hadn’t let them into your life somehow. Amanda must have acquainted herself with them to an extent that they knew she ‘needed’ a husband and took it upon themselves to become matchmakers. I can bet they are not talking based on assumptions. They are using stuff she may have dropped foolishly during their girly banter which they now feel they can use against her.

The truth is nobody cares. Nobody cares how old Amanda is, or if she’s a runs girl or is picky about choosing a husband or whatever the in the world they may have spewed in that chat. Smart people don’t care about people’s personal lives because it is not their business. What I see instead, is the big lesson learnt for the likes of Amanda. Thousands may follow you and cheer you on social media. You may even exceed your friend limit on Facebook, but how many of these “friends” can you really count on?prayer chain-peaceHow many of these so-called friends would celebrate both your strength and imperfections knowing that they too are not perfect? We crave for relevance and acceptance, even…forgetting that the last place to find that is in the sea of virtual humans swarming the internet mostly with fake names, fake smiles and fake lives. Priorities become misplaced when we think we see others moving ahead of us. Take Faith Akpevwe Jeroh’s comment for example. It bothered her that her friend was younger than her, had bagged more degrees than her and had more shoes in her closet than her…all vanity we leave behind when we die.

Their comments being exposed was the Angel of Truth taking a mirror and reflecting what was in their cold, dark and evil hearts for the world to see. More interestingly, this angel used a whistle blower who is not so innocent herself to expose them.

None of them is innocent…the gossips, the snitch, and even Amanda who claims she is a loner who lives a regimented life of home-work-church. I’ll tell you why and it’s simple. Read Psalm chapter one, verses 1-6. The answer is there. It gets even more interesting if you read  the Message version of this scripture. You can’t hang out with evil people like these and want people to take you seriously as God’s child. You can’t even be giving TMI to people who will use it against you in future. In the screenshots above, Zobba grabbed a shot of Amanda telling one Esther how she got deflowered at 21, bled, didn’t enjoy sex…bla bla. Who is Esther? Her mother? A Catholic priest? Her Gynae? What was the need for that ‘confession’?

I checked these evil ladies out on Facebook. Three of them are particularly very vocal and claim not to have any fear about calling their ‘enemies’ out. It’s been 22 whole hours since Amanda released those screenshots…not even a word from them. They’re as quiet as a mouse on their walls. I bet they never knew the shit will hit the fan and their yanshes will be blown open. Only an evil person will wish that her fellow woman will never find a husband or will never have children or will wish another woman’s ovaries will dry up.

I have children. From Day 1 that the sperm hit my egg to make me conceive till today as I watch them grow, every experience I have gathered makes me know that indeed there is a God in heaven and we should fear him. Carrying and bringing forth life is a miracle I would wish for every woman to experience, even my worst enemy who is a woman. To pray that kind of prayer for your fellow woman? Evil is even a nice word to call you.amonia rita stewartAmonia Rita Stewart | Photo Credit: Facebook

And what did Amonia’s age, cooking or single status ever do to them? Somebody is practicing her hobby on her personal wall, her personal lane and they claim she’s using cooking as strategy to find man. Where do some women get all these type of friends from? Hell?amonia rita stewart-foodAmonia blogs about food under the hashtag, #Diaryof a foodterrorist…Yummy!

And to all social media influencers out there. Own your story period. I share my personal stories on my blog and put my copyright on it. If you use it against me, it makes you look stupid because I put it out there…stale news, next! It’s just like Oprah talked about being raped or Linda Ikeji talked about her FGM experience. Only fools would use t against them. If you’re a blogger, relationship expert/coach or social media influencer, do not chip private information about yourself in a shitty private group chat or forum. Everyone there will feel like they know you already and it feeds the flies to shit more maggots in your food.

Good luck.


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