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Abuja Lawyer, Roseline Udoh Slumps And Dies 4 Days After Losing Best Friend

ROSELINE UDOH-858x862Roseline Udoh, a lawyer based in Abuja is dead. She was said to have slumped some hours ago in her home. She was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

Barrister Emeka Ugwuonye, the founder of The Due Process Advocates (DPA) announced her obituary on the Facebook group page with these words,ROSELINE UDOH-2

“Obituary Announcement!

I regret to inform all DPA members of the sudden death of one of our registered members, Barrister Roseline Udoh.

I received the news about 4 hour ago, but I delayed the announcement because I was advised that some of her family members were not yet aware.

Roseline Udoh was a brilliant and vibrant member of our group. The last time I chatted with her was in the summer while she was visiting the US at the same time as I was. She was healthy and full of life with plans about the future.

Information as to the cause of death remains vague, but hopefully more information will be available soon. All we heard was that she slumped at her home in Abuja this morning and was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly after.

The passing of Roseline is a tragedy of immense proportions because if anyone deserves to live longer, it would be Rose. She was kind, polite and respectful. Unlike some, she was decent and disciplined. It is a tragic sense of irony to lose such a person in such circumstances.

The entire family of DPA shall be in a state of mourning. As information becomes clearer, DPA shall plan a condolence visit to her family.

May the soul of Roseline rest in perfect peace. (Her profile picture is displayed below)

 — with Roseline Udoh.

ROSELINE UDOH-3As at press time, her sisters were still trying to figure out how to break the news to their mother who lives in Owerri. So we had to delay posting out of respect for the family.

Ironically four days ago, Roseline wrote on her Facebook wall,

“Life is too short… Dont put off anything you really want to do till tomorrow cos you are not guaranteed tomorrow. The sooner you realise this, the less you will worry about living your life to please people.

Its all you. YOU are all that matters.

You owe only YOU the responsibility to be happy.”ROSELINE UDOH-4

Hours later that same day, she announced that she had lost her dear friend, Hadiza Bomai with this tribute,

“When we took these pictures few weeks ago in Amsterdam, little did we know what was coming. You were so easy to get along with, calm, gentle natured, great sense of humour, accommodating, very caring…

I remember jokingly telling you at the mall “,Hadiza life is short o, let’s spend this money while we are still alive”. And we both laughed about it

If only we knew how prophetic those words were…
Who knew that when you put up that Facebook post two days ago asking us to pray for you that it would be your last?

My heart bleeds for the two young children you left behind. You lived your life for those kids.
I’m so numb right now, been numb since I heard the news today.
Indeed, life is so short!

Good night Hadiza Bomai…good night.”ROSELINE UDOH-5 ROSELINE UDOH-6Roseline with Hadiza on a trip to Amsterdam

Little did she know she’d be joining Hadiza four days later. If only she knew how prophetic her words were…

Miss Udoh was a lively, vibrant member of some Facebook groups we both belonged. Her posts were always intelligent and witty. I noticed her in October 2017 when she made a very funny post about her wig falling off at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. I laughed so hard and almost peed in my pants. I decided to send her a friend request right away. We were from the same state and she bore my maiden surname. We also lived in the same city, so I felt we had some things in common. But alas, it skipped my mind to add her on Facebook.

You can imagine my horror reading about her death. Rest in perfect peace, Roseline. You shall be greatly missed.



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