After Watching Afrocandy’s Latest Twerk Video, I Think She Should Retire


There are just some things that are best left for the younger ones. Twerking naked with a not so toned almost 50 something-year old body is one of them.

But of course, Afro candy won’t stand down. She’s even planning a twerking challenge!

I’ve watched a lot of twerkers on social media at least enough to know that the dance looks more attractive when a young lady with enough energy and a jelly-like butt…howbeit fake most of the time…is performing.

There is time for everything and for me, twerking is like football. There comes a time that even our most favourite player can no longer shine like a star on the football field. A younger more energetic player takes their place.

Afrocandy is a beautiful woman for her age, but for twerking…nah…she’s got hundreds of hotter competition. Unless she wants to do some liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift. But then again, I doubt if her waist could move like those younger Instagram and Snapchat chics I see killin it.

She should just retire.

Watch the video above and tell me what you think.


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