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AIRLINE RACISM | Lufthansa Airlines Accused Of Lodging White Passengers In Posh Hotels & Nigerian Passengers In Dirty Hotels

LUFTHANSAThe Director General of Callywood Film Studios, Egor Efiok was among the passengers whose Lufthansa Airline flight was cancelled yesterday. The flight was from Port Harcourt to London via Frankfurt.

The UK-based PR executive and filmmaker said after LUFTHANSA cancelled her flight to London yesterday without an explanation, the airline management lodged she and other black passenger at dirty ramshackle hotels in the slum part of the city. The hotel, De-B Garden Hotels refused to turn their generator on when power went off and their staff was very rude.

The white passengers however, were given the special priviledge of being lodged in the posh Presidential Hotel.

In a series of posts on her Facebook wall, Egor wrote:

“So I decide to go to [Port Harcourt] and pay double the price for a normal ticket to take Lufthansa to London for the first time and fly from PH “international airport” for the first time too.

I was at the airport before 3pm, as I couldn’t wait to leave. I have been trying to fly out all week to go and bring my daughter and had to abandon my British Airways return ticket in frustration and buy a brand new ticket from this Lufthansa.

After all the stress, what did Lufthansa do? Cancel! Just like that! No reason! And then they whisk us off to some super razz hotel at somewhere called “Igrita” or whatever.

Myself and my daughter are meant to be in Nigeria on Monday on our already confirmed flight and I am still stuck here in Nigeria dealing with more bullshit. I am too weak to be as upset as I really need to be right now.

Btw, lest I forget…Lufthansa thank you oh!!! Thank you for making my first ever experience with your airline a memorable one.”

EGOR EFIOK-720x478Egor Efiok

Then she went on,

“So Lufthansa took all the white people and white Germans on our cancelled flight yesterday along with their staff to Presidential Hotel while they lodged the rest of us “niggers” at a super razz village hotel called De-B Garden Hotel, beside Igwuruta police station.

Nepa took light since 9pm last night and their razz village receptionist called Edith is being rude to guests. You need to see their dirty boys quarter rooms with rusted taps and dirty bathrooms. And as I am writing this, there is still no light.

There is a family of 6 who live in Chicago stranded here too and all their phones and power banks are dead. It is the first time their children are visiting Nigeria too.

Big SHAME on Lufthansa! I am sooooo going to put them on blast for this!!!”EGOR EFIOK-FACEBOOK-1

Then she posted photos of her hotel bathroom…

“Some photos of my filthy bathroom at De-B Garden Hotel, beside Igwuruta police station (slum area of Port Harcourt), that Lufthansa lodged us “niggers” at after cancelling our flight yesterday, while they lodged their staff and all the white people and white Germans on our same cancelled flight at Presidential Hotel.

Hotel that has no working generator. You need to see the Nigerian family of 6 from Chicago. The children looked drained and it’s their first time in Nigeria.”

LUFTHANSA-EGOR-ALUFTHANSA-EGOR-1LUFTHANSA-EGOR-2Nigerians didn’t take the news lightly. They have been very angry comments under that thread. Some Nigerians say it’s our fellow Nigerian staff of the airline that are behind this.

Egor says Lufthansa is ignoring her protests on Facebook and Twitter. We await a sensible reaction from the airline.


Read the rest of the drama below…





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