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#AMBattleground S1/E133 Recap | Hadiza Would Make A Great Detective

HADIZA-BATTLEGROUND-1Once again, Hadiza Bako (played by Bikiya Graham-Douglas) was the star of the night.

Tuesday’s episode closed with Mayowa Bhadmus (played by Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka) finally eating the dish all Battleground fans believed was poisoned by Hadiza. True to our suspicion, Adaora’s son started choking and gasping for breath after a few spoonfuls. He fell to the ground with Danlami Bako (played by Kunle Coker) screaming and rushing to his aid.okiemute comesBottom: Hadiza looks pissed as it seems Barr. Okiemute would thwart her plans. Top: Mayowa finally eats the ‘poisoned’ dinner.

Just when we were rejoicing that God had sent Barr. Okiemute to save the night!…Aaargh!!!

Watch the video…

Would he die? Was Hadiza this evil? Was Danlami’s wife so stupid as to brazenly poison Mayowa when it could be easily traced to her food? Fans waited with bated breath for what would happen next. And as sure as rain, Wednesday’s episode opened with Mayowa on the floor where we left him, still choking from his dinner.mayowa chokingMayowa choking

Dalami yells for help and his car keys. Hadiza rushes to his aid. Then she observes closely and on second thoughts gives the almost dying Mayowa a jab of Epinephrine. The boy comes back to life and he is later taken to the hospital to be properly treated by Dr. Kalu.

dr. kaluDr. Kalu

Kalu commends Hadiza for her prompt first aid and asks how she had Epinephrine so conveniently in her possession. She explains her husband’s suffers same allergy as Mayowa…though not as severe as that of the young Bhadmus. Kalu explains that this allergy is hereditary and increases by 25% if both parents of the sufferer has it. As the Bhadmus family doctor, Kalu knows Adaora suffers same allergy but runs some blood tests on Mayowa to find out more. All the while, you can see in Hadiza’s expressions that she is definitely on to something.hadiza-mayowa-hospitalHadiza and Mayowa discussing with Dr. Kalu

Chief Kolade Bhadmus (played by Gbenga Titiloye), is throwing tantrums like a big baby as usual because his decanter is empty and he needs more of his favourite brandy…and tea. Onajite (played by Zara Udofia) forgot to restock and she’s at the receiving end of KB’s yelling. He reminds her of her ‘disloyalty’ as Nwosu walks in to fill Chief in on the daily security report. Ona who has since been bitten by guilt pangs of betraying Madam Adaora, hurriedly leaves Chief’s office with the tea tray as tears sting her eyes. Nwosu stares at Ona as KB snaps him back to reality.kolade-tantrumsChief Kolade Bhadmus throwing tantrums

Nwosu laters finds Ona who looks sad and full of regret. She asks the head security some cryptic questions and he responds with philosophical answers, which makes the house manager feel a better. She leaves smiling.ONA-NWOSUOnajite and Nwosu

Back at the hospital, Mayowa tells Kalu he’d like his family not to be informed about the allergy attack he had because he has caused enough trouble as it is. Barr. Okiemute misses sighting Mayowa at the hospital by a hair’s breadth as he comes to pay a visit to Moshood who is recovering nicely. Mayowa peeps at his father’s lawyer as he makes his way to Moshood’s ward. Mayowa also runs into Dr. Emeka Kalu (played by Nonso Bassey) and lies that he came for a checkup after receiving a good beating from his half brother Ola Bhadmus, (played by Okey Uzoeshi).

Emeka complains to Teni Bhadmus (played by Ini Dima-Okojie) on phone about the pressure the new work load from the hospital will put on him. Teni encourages him. Adaora Bhadmus (played by Shaffy Bello) walks in as the telephone conversation ends and has a short conversation with her daughter. Teni is still bent on continuing her relationship with Emeka. Adaora reluctantly pledges her support.

Fans are left wondering what papers KB sent Okiemute to give Moshood to sign. Okiemute praises Moshood for being such a loyal friend to Chief and says KB is lucky to have him as a friend. Moshood asks Okiemute if those were the ‘usual papers’, Okiemute nods and Moshoods mentions how few the papers are compared to the ones he used to sign before. Not before Nurse Sola Makinde (played by Makida Moka) almost walks in on Okiemute opening his briefcase to take out the papers. He quickly shuts his briefcase as the nurse checks on her patient’s progress. The lawyer presents the papers to Moshood after Sola leaves.

Hadiza returns home to find her husband working on his laptop. They talk about their inability to have children. He receives a phone call and excuses himself. Hadiza picks his laptop and types in a search term to find out the chances of a son inheriting an allergic reaction from his mother.

Hadiza is the smartest character in Battleground. It takes a while for fans to realise this as she creeps up the top player ladder slowly while distracting us with her desperate antics of securing her husband’s position at BBP. At some point, her motives are not clear. Is she trying to protect her husband’s interest because she loves him so much? Is she doing this to solely benefit herself? Or is she out on a vendetta mission against the Bhadmus family? Hadiza is very close to confirming that Mayowa is not a Bhadmus but the love child between her husband and Adaora Bahdmus.

When she confirms this fact, how will she handle it? Will her maternal instincts kick in and make her accept Mayowa as her son? Will she be jealous and vengeful? Hadiza is truly a slippery one. She is kindly dangerous, if you get what I mean.

One thing’s for sure. She gets along with Mayowa really well, albeit unsettling as I’m not sure what her motive now is, seeing she was vehemently against the boy putting up in her home. I can also say for a fact that Mayowa has had more parenting in 24hrs with Hadiza than in his entire life at the Bhadmuses which is very unfortunate as his mother is more concerned with wearing the latest Ade Bakare designs than dealing with her son’s inner cry for help.

Later this evening, the excitement continues. Stay tuned and stay glued.

You can watch fresh episodes of Battleground on Africa Magic Showcase DSTV Channel 151 every week day at 8pm. Repeats air every week day at 4pm. Also catch the Omnibus every Sunday at 3pm.


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