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#AMBattleground S1/E134 Recap | Chief Kolade Bhadmus In A ‘Bhad’ Mood

KOLADE BHADMUS-OKIEMUTEToday’s episode opened with Chief Kolade Bhadmus (played by Gbenga Titiloye) in a ‘Bhad’ mood. Lara Bankole Thomas‘s funeral arrangements is announced on TV and the reality of his loss is deeply sinking in. KB is gulping multiple shots of brandy and Barr. Okiemute cautions him to stop drinking. The lawyer asks if Chief will attend the funeral, he affirms. Okiemute notes things have been unusually ‘quiet’ of late. The General doesn’t seem keen on badgering Chief for his money. He asks if Chief wants to share with information on his last move on the General. KB says nothing to share.

Small banter is seen going on between Dr. Emeka Kalu (played by Nonso Bassey) and Nurse Sola (played by Makida Moka). She seems to be playing her ‘set up’ role really well.HADIZA-CRYINGHadiza manipulating Danlami as usual

Danlami Bako (played by Kunle Coker) argues with his wife Hadiza (played by Bikiya Graham-Douglas) about sending Mayowa Bhadmus (played by Chike Osebuka) to Kaduna to work with her relative. He says Hadiza must have taken the decision because she’s afraid Mayowa will suffer another allergy. She turns it around on him, saying Lami implies she is not a good mother. She starts weeping and reminds Danlami’s it his fault they can’t have children.

Onajite (played by Zara Udofia) chides Chichi for not cleaning the window properly. She pulls the blinds and sees Nwosu working out who smiles at her. She looks stunned and quickly shuts the blind. Chichi asks her if all is well. She eyes Chichi and walks away.

The Bakos and Mayowa have dinner. Mayowa pulls a stunt and pretends to be having an allergic attack again. The Bakos scamper in fear to come to his aid. He laughs, telling them it was a joke and chides them for being uptight. The joke’s on him when Hadiza calls him a name in Hausa only she and Danlami understands.

TENI-EMEKATeni pays Emeka a visit

Teniola Bhadmus (played by Ini Dima-Okojie) visits Emeka with a goody bag filled with his favourite foods. Nurse Sola interrupts them to inform Emeka his attention is needed. Sola asks to show Teni to Moshood’s ward. Teni says she can find her way there herself. Teni moves to visit Moshood with another goody bag as she is trailed by Sola’s cold stares.

Moshood tells Teni her father has a lot of secrets and she must have to follow her own heart if she wants happiness.

Watch the video…

But Teni you should know this by now. Anyway, I kinda understand why she keeps giving her dad the benefit of the doubt. #DaddysGirl ❤️

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Nurse Sola and Emeka end their shift. she invites him to the cinema to watch a new movie called ‘Shambles’. He declines but later calls Teni on phone to invite her to watch the same movie. Sola who’s hiding nearby eavesdrop and is upset.

Hadiza speaks on phone with her cousin. She appreciates him for offering to help Mayowa with a job. She intentionally drops a hint to her cousin that Danlami is having money problems. Her cousin confirms her suspicion all along that Lami is secretly speaking with him to liaise for a loan. As subtly as usual she blocks her cousin from helping her husband giving the excuse that Danlami is not in a ‘good place’ to handle such finances. Her cousin assures her he would not grant Danlami’s request.

Nurse Sola enters Dr. Emeka’s office to tell him she got a call that her house is on fire. She needs another nurse to cover her shift. Emeka declines her request, telling her to follow protocol by asking the Matron first.  Sola tells him her permission was already declined by the Matron. He later agrees after she tells him in between sobs that all her certificates and clothes are trapped in the building.KOLADE BHADMUS-FLASHBACKSKolade flashes back to Teni’s wedding when Lara walked in

KB is alone in his office. He pours himself a drink and stares at an old pic he took with Lara Bankole Thomas’ mother. He is holding his favourite wrist watch and having flashbacks. Teni walks in and apologises for not being able to attend Lara’s memorial. He breaks down in tears. Teni rushes to his side. He tells her in between sobs it’s his fault she’s dead. When Teni asks why it’s his fault, he reveals to her that Lara is his firstborn and her half sister. Teni is looks stunned as the episode ends.

I’ve developed two curiousities after this episode…

  1. What is Hadiza truly up to? It’s obvious she’s is the one who can’t have children, because Mayowa is Danlami’s biological son (although Danlami doesn’t know that yet.) She won’t let her cousin help Danlami get back on his feet again, yet she acts like she deeply loves her husband. Is she the kind of wife our Mama warned us about? *in Wyclef Jean‘s voice*
  2. Moshood…Moshood…who really is he? Are we still to believe he’s just a ‘driver’? He knows almost every secret Kolade Bhadmus is hiding. Why does Chief trust him so much.

We’ll find out soon.

You can watch fresh episodes of Battleground on Africa Magic Showcase DSTV Channel 151 every week day at 8pm. Repeats air every week day at 4pm. Also catch the Omnibus every Sunday at 3pm.



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