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Angry Wife Teams Up With Her Friends & Beats Her Husband’s Mistress Naked On The Street [SEE PHOTOS]

Right from the time I was a kid, watching all those kung fu movies, I knew Chinese people love to settle scores with their fists and legs. So this
 38 year old mistress should have known better than sleeping with a married man in China! Hehehee!!
She was ambushed by his angry wife and her friends on a busy street  in the city of Puyang in eastern China’s Henan Province. The wife and her friends violently stripped and beat her up mercilessly while passersby watched.

The mistress, Lin Yao Li was punched and kicked in the groin and breasts as she writhed screaming in agony on the pavement. 

Onlookers said, they didn’t intervene because was  it was an ‘argument of the heart’ – she didn’t deserve help because had slept with another woman’s husband. And the police never came to her rescue either.

A local man Jun Feng, 30, who helped the woman after spotting her lying on the ground after her attackers left told local TV:

‘This type of thing is becoming quite normal.Angry wives and girlfriends get their revenge on their cheating men by attacking the other woman.People don’t tend to get involved because they see it as being an argument of the heart.’

The woman was later taken to hospital where she was being treated for cuts, severe bruising and shock after begging someone to call an ambulance.BEATEN MISTRESS 3 BEATEN MISTRESS 4 BEATEN MISTRESS 5 BEATEN MISTRESS 6



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  1. So sad…maybe she dsnt know d guy was married.

  2. hmmmmmm….o gaa o. Thou shall not commit adultery.

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