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Anita Oyakhilome Writes Cryptic Poem About A “Master Puppet”

PASTOR ANITA-490X340She is known as Pastor Anita Ebhodaghe these days, ever since she divorced her husband, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of Christ Embassy Church.

On her website last week, Pastor Anita published a cryptic poem titled, The Puppet. I could help but wonder who the ‘Master Puppet’ was. Read the poem…

The Puppet

Say this and say that,

Otherwise you will not be heard

Otherwise you will not be published.

Do this and do that

Otherwise you are on your own

Otherwise you will continue to be alone.

Come when I send for you,

Leave when I tell you

Otherwise you will be stripped

Otherwise your reputation will be destroyed.

Let the people see you for five minutes

This is what will make them happy

Otherwise you are finished

Otherwise you are of no benefit or monetary value.

Although your strings are worn out

We still need to make money of you puppet

We are desperate the audiences need entertainment

While they watch our pickpockets are in the crowd stealing.

Puppet puppet

Now you come

Now you go

Now you jump

Now you dance

The master puppet holds the strings

Till there is a replacement.

Who is the next Puppet?


– Anita Ebhodaghe



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