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Another Nigerian Guy Explains Why Chinedu Jumped From Malaysian Storey Building To His Death

MALAYSIA-WAYNE 2Since the news broke about the Nigerian guy, Chinedu, who jumped from the 3rd floor of his apartment building in Malaysia and later died; most Nigerians have been saying he was involved in some criminal activity in Malaysia, that’s why he was avoiding the police and jumped to his death.

But another Nigerian guy, Wayne ‘Richboi’ Caesar (pictured above) who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was quick to drop his thoughts on the issue, saying that not all Nigerian guys in Asia were involved in criminal activities. He threw some light on what may have caused the Delta State born Chinedu to jump to his death.


Here’s what Wayne wrote:

It’s so annoying when you see illiterate paupers who have not left the shores of Nigeria come on social network to say rubbish. Now, let me explain to you guys…

You might get an authentic visa to Malaysia and during your struggle to achieve your goals, your visa expires. Then you actually become an illegal immigrant from that moment.

Oftentimes, most of us already have a lot of things going on for us and wouldn’t wanna loose any, so we’ll always try and struggle to get money to probably extend our papers and all that. But Malaysian immigration and their police usually ain’t fair to Nigerians.

You can imagine you’re living well but in less than 1 hour, you find yourself in jail and after spending 3 months in a very brutal cell with no visits, you get deported wearing just a pair of shorts and a top. Then probably everything you struggled for is gone.

Now they [Malaysian government] have extended the jail term. If you’re an illegal immigrant and you get caught, you’ll no longer spend 3 months in jail but 1 year. So probably the guy [Chinedu] was scared of spending a year in jail and getting deported without a dime. So he took the choice of jumping to survive.

Hard luck caught up with him even though he was only trying to save himself from coming home frustrated. So he’s not into illegal stuff. He just made a mistake of choice. Such police raids happen a lot so he may have been trying to risk it but he wasn’t lucky.

Please you guys should stop saying things you don’t know because if most of us were in his shoes we might have done same. That fear of being caught alone would push you to do what you will never expect doing.

Imagine a bomblast happened close to you, you could fly from a 10-storey building down and you won’t even know because that’s what your brain and heart could think of at that time.

He was only trying to run to survive so please let the dead bury their dead and stop abusing the dead..to most of you saying rubbish you know nothing about.

MALAYSIA-WAYNEWayne ‘Richboi’ Caesar

Thank you very much for being objective, Wayne. I really think that sometimes, we should be sympathetic in our criticisms of our Nigerian brothers who are hustling outside the shores of our country. We have lost many young, handsome brothers due to the malicious prejudices of the government of some Asian countries.

Not all Nigerian men who live in Asia are involved in criminal activities, just saying.

*In case you missed it, read how Chinedu jumped to his death…

Click HERE to read.



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  1. Very objective… But my question still remains, what will he tell God?

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