Are You A Brainless Idiot For Believing In God?


LOOKING UP 2One man thinks so! Sometimes, I get blog visits from some really cool people and celebs. So this guy, Fletch Deezie is a Guitarist and an entertainer of African-American descent I presume. He dropped a comment on my Creflo Dollar deevanalysis, where the argument was on pastors and payment of tithes. Deezie had a problem with us blacks even believing the Bible in the first place and so he said:

“You all are some brainless idiots… Amazing how the slave masters brainwashing affects our people today! Wonder what would you believe in id they had not enslaved us???”

Now, I have to be honest when I say that I don’t blame Fletch for feeling this way. The reason is because they are hardly any real Christians living in the world today to show others what it really means to live out God’s word through an exemplary life. We do not live a life that make others long to be like us. Does God’s light, love and peace reflect in us? And if yes to what degree? Is it strong enough to positively engulf and infect others?

On this same Creflo Dollar story, an American Bishop poured curses on me even before bothering to find out the facts or the reason behind the story. And he poured his curses during the Good Friday/Easter period…a period when Jesus foragve the criminal crucified beside him. A period when Jesus said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Here’s what the bishop said:

There is no Peace in you. You are a liar, a deceiver, a fraud and there will be a special place in hell for wicked people like you. There is not one shred of truth in this piece about Pastor Creflo Dollar.

Peace, Who offended you? What preacher do you hate so much that you would lie and deceive others to make you feel justified in your offence? You are wrong and you are wicked and judgement will fall on you and your family if you do not repent quickly.”

He even added my family. And it was clearly stated in the post that I wasn’t the author of the scandalous article. I was disappointed in this so called man of God because it is men like him who fail to reflect Christ in every angle that make men like Fletch feel and reason the way they do. So I sent Mr. Bishop a mail to give him a piece of my mind. Here’s what I told him:

“Mr. (Name Withheld), I saw the comment you dropped on my blog (Peace Ben Williams Blog).

Out of respect for the fact that you’re a bishop, I’ve decided to reply you privately through your inbox. For a bishop, you are quite ignorant on so many levels. Because you should understand by now how internet media works and that some sites like mine publish news from other news sites, but QUOTE THE SOURCE it was lifted from.

I DID NOT write that article about Pastor Creflo Dollar. It was written by NewsBuzzDaily, a website which I clearly cited at the bottom of the article as my source.

I personally wrote an editorial as a followup story to explain where I stand in all of this. I’d never in my wildest dream of cooking up a story without fact or evidence against any man of God because I’m a believer and I know the repercussion.

I must say that I’m very disappointed and extremely upset with you Sir for saying there is “a special place in hell” for me and that “judgement will fall on [me] and [my] family” if I do not repent.

This statement clearly tells me that you’re a FAKE because if the Holy Spirit were in you, you’d have known I was a child of LIGHT who would never dream of slandering a pastor. Shame on you!! You do not have any right to address yourself as a bishop!!

It’s ‘men of God’ like you who are killing Christendom. Let’s say I was a sinner who knows nothing about God’s Word. Would you tell me I’ll burn in hell or would you tell God to forgive my ignorance like Jesus prayed for us on the cross as he took his last breath?

If you really knew what hell was, you’d be on your knees crying to God interceding for no soul to go there.

I’ve served as a minister in my church for years with the spiritual gift to make pronouncements and they happen. But unlike you, I won’t curse you and your generation…I’m much wiser by the grace of God. Rather, I’d like to see you explain to our Lord on judgement day what you did with your tongue. Why you chose to speak death instead of life.

May God forgive you!

Peace Ben Williams (Mrs)”

Harsh letter, harsh truth but had to be said. To those of us who are Christians especially from Africa, let’s never forget to reflect on where we have come from…which is the dark ages of worshipping ancestral demons…to where we are going. That’s why I was quick to remind Fletch who and what I’d rather believe in. Read my response to Fletch:

“Hi Fletch, I laughed so hard after reading your comments. You’re African-American, I presume? Well I’m African from Nigeria. I may not have experienced a history of slavery but my people did experience something not too close yet similar, which is British colonization.

Before the white man brought the “brainwashing” religion of Christianity to us in Africa, we believed in Amadioha and Sango (the gods of thunder), we believed in the river goddesses, the oracles of the hills and caves, cannibalism, savagery and the abuse of women through mutilating their genitalia, selling them out unwillingly to older men in forced marriages and enslaving them both emotionally and psychologically in a predominantly patriarchal society. Our kings were buried with the heads of his slaves and the heads of his oldest and youngest wives. Slaves were buried alive in the graves of kings to escort him to the afterlife.

We believed in killing our twins. We’ll put them ALIVE in tiny clay pots and set them afloat on the river, leaving them to the fate of crocodiles, insects, hunger, starvation and harsh weather elements. Sometimes, we threw them into the “evil forests” to be eaten up by wild animals. Our widows were blamed for their husbands deaths. They’d be tortured by their inlaws. Their heads would be shaven and after their husbands corpse was bathed, they’d be forced to drink the dirty water to prove their innocence.

All through the history of the human race, every race in my own opinion has displayed evil on so many different levels and religion was used as an invisible shackle to hold down the weak. Unfortunately, humankind and false prophets are desperately trying to turn Christianity into a religion which it isn’t. Jesus made that clear through the sign of the curtain of the Holy of Holies tearing apart; signifying that man was at liberty to seek his Creator directly. Christianity isn’t a shackle and it isn’t a religion either. It is a way of life…power and liberty being returned to mankind as it was meant to be. Jesus said so, that he came to set the captives and even the “lawful captives” free.

It is now left for everyone to study God’s Word, especially Jesus’ teachings and to invite the Holy Spirit to be a constant companion. The bible talks about the renewing of the mind…obviously from brainwashing. I can assure you that the slave masters brought Christianity to us by accident, because they selfishly thought the clause about masters and slaves in the book of Ephesians would hold us down, without realising the overall benefits that would be passed on to us forever through the power in the Word.

What would I rather believe in? I’d rather believe in a teaching that puts me in a place of dominion and power and liberty and grace simply because I’ve decided to show love to my neighbour, live at peace with him, forgive his wrongdoings and tolerate his shortcomings. I choose to believe a teaching that would translate my imperfect flesh into a perfect spirit over worshipping and sacrificing to evil spirits who demand blood and violence from killing the innocent.

By the way Fletch, I like your music.”

What ever title we hold or bear in Christendom, let’s not forget that Jesus stripped Himself of all glory when he was born in a poor manger to a carpenter. That in itself is a great message in humility and should serve as a reality check from time to time to any child of God. While I respect every office in the Christian fold, we must never forget the first responsibility Christ has given to every church leader through the admonition he gave to Apostle Peter. Jesus said:

“Feed my sheep”

The sheep are lost, wandering, hungry and thirsty for the truth, for love and to live in a world of peace, free from violence and bloodshed. Will you speak life and healing or will you join Satan to draw more blood? The choice is yours.LOOKING UP 3

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