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Armed Robbers Kill Many In Bank Raid At Igarra [WARNING!!! GRAPHIC PHOTO]

IGARRA-ROBBERYArmed robbers struck a bank at Igarra, in Akoko-Edo local government area of Edo State this morning leaving many dead, eyewitnesses say.

The robbers arrived the bank at about 6am, killed the security guard, carted away with money in the bank before engaging the police in a serious gun battle. Many people were left with bullet wounds after the robbers fired gunshots in the air in a bid to scare the police and residents of the area away. None of the robbers were arrested.

As the robbers made their escape enroute Makeke Ojah road, they met with resistance as vigilantes in Makeke town took up the role of the police to protect the people.

The robbers then killed one of the vigilantes and escaped into the forest. Angered by the death of their colleague, the vigilante group mobilized into the bush and confronted the robbers.

Four of the robbers were reportedly killed by the vigilante. Also, the robbers abandoned 1 pump action and seven AK47 to enable them free movement.

See the body of one of the robbers below…




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