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As #AshWednesday Heralds The Period Of Lent, Words From Pope Francis For The Catholics

ash wednesday-1Today is Ash Wednesday. 

Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer and takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday, and is chiefly observed by Catholics, although many other Christians observe it too. Ash Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting.ash wednesday-2I remember as a young girl from a protestant background attending a Catholic high school, Ash Wednesday was compulsory for all Christians regardless of your denomination. The priest would be invited to perform Mass, after which all the girls would line up to be marked on the forehead. I found it all amusing and exciting…I didn’t know what it signified, but I partook in the ritual anyway.ash wednesday-3Although I’m not a Catholic and may never get to have the ashes marked on my forehead, it is important for every Christian and every child of God to be constantly reminded of the fragility of our mortal nature.ash wednesday-4I leave you with the words of Pope Francis…ash wednesday-5



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