MEN BEHAVING BADLY: Analysing The Epic Tweet Fight Between Reuben Abati And Femi Fani-Kayode

By: Peace October 7, 2013

Before I talk about this epic tweet fight, let me introduce the fighters to you… The gentleman pointing a finger to the left …weighing far more than the president’s balls
Has Kim Kardashian Gotten Her Pre-Pregnancy Body Back? [READ MY ANALYSIS+SEE PHOTOS & VIDEO]

By: Peace October 3, 2013

Before I say what I have to say, I’d like to make one thing clear, first. I’ve gone through the rigorous yet rewarding journey of pregnancy five times…and yes, you
Deevanalysis For September, 2013

By: Peace October 1, 2013

Hello, darling PBWB readers. The month of September ended so fast! It was like, I shut my eyes and when I opened it…October. So much happened in September and I’m
Who Says Amber Rose Has Class And Ini Edo Doesn’t???

By: Peace September 24, 2013

I read a particular blogpost on Linda Ikeji’s blog, yesterday with intense indignation. The blogpost in question was a story about Marie Miller winning the Miss Earth beauty pageant and the
Deevanalysis For August, 2013

By: Peace September 1, 2013

Hello, my esteemed PBWB readers, welcome to the month of September and the last quarter of 2013. We must be thankful to the creator for keeping us alive thus far.
Shellie Bo Talley Is Not 55 Years Old…Find Out Her True Age [Photos+Video]

By: Peace May 1, 2013

I first read about Shellie Bo Talley on a friend’s blog. I was drawn by the story caption “55 Year Old Woman Who looks 20+” I was amazed but still tried to do a
Deevanalysis October 2012

By: Peace October 31, 2012

Peace Ben Williams Hello readers, I’m so excited reaching out to you guys through my second deevanalysis. It feels like we were all running a race, and I tell you
Deevanalysis For September, 2012

By: Peace October 1, 2012

Hello readers, this is my first analysis ever. Since my analysis is coming from the viewpoint of a diva, I have decided to call it my deevanalysis. When I started blogging actively on September