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Baby Bitten By Fox May Never Regain Feeling In Finger The Animal Ripped Off

Injured: Denny with teeth wounds on his face after the fox attack

This little baby boy was attacked few days ago in his UK home by a fox prowling the neighbourhood.

It is believed that  the fox must have picked the baby’s scent from the garden, and trailed the scent to the living room where the boy was lying on the sofa.

The fox tried biting the head of the 5-week old baby first but Baby Denny’s head couldn’t fit into its mouth. He then ripped off the little boy’s finger in an attempt to chew it.


The boy’s mother, Hayley heard his screams and then a thud as the fox pulled Denny off the sofa. She said that when she ran towards the fox, it hissed at her through its teeth. She wrestled her son out of the grip of the fox before calling emergency.

Doctors then battled to stitch the boy’s finger back in surgery. The affected finger is his ring finger on his left hand.

The fox attack left Denny with teeth puncture wounds in his head and may never regain feeling in the finger the animal ripped off, the child’s uncle said last night.

Hayley has been by his side since it happened. She is so traumatised and s very pale. She hasn’t been able to sleep or eat.

Foxes have been a menace in the area. They could be regularly seen stalking the streets and feeding on rubbish.

One of Haley’s neighbours, Sheena O’Donnell, who lives round the corner from where the attack happened, said she had returned to her home one day to see a fox sitting in the bath.

Sheena O’Donnell said: ‘He was just sitting in the tub bold as brass. I stared at him and he ran away. They are such an issue around here.’

Recovering: Denny Dolan who was attacked by a fox in Bromley. His hand is heavily bandaged where the fox severed a finger

Traumatised: Baby Denny's mother Hayley, pictured with his father Paul Dolan, wrestled the fox away from her baby

Denny’s Parents

Dangerous: The four-week-old baby was attacked by the fox attack in suburban Bromley, South-East London


Source: DailyMail UK




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  1. This is so wow, it is best for the area residents to extra and lock up always. Poor baby

  2. Thank God the baby is still alive. i can imagine how devastating it is for his parents. Get well soon lil pea

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