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Baby Girl Buried Alive In A Shallow Grave IS NOT 4 MONTHS OLD!!

Don’t you just hate it when a serious, heart-rending story gets twisted into so many variations that it tends to lose it’s meaning? That is what some people are trying to do with this story.

On January 21, I reported this story of a Buried Baby girl, who was dug up alive in a community in Lagos, Nigeria by good Samaritans and taken to the hospital. The information about this miracle baby was sketchy and who perpetuated this crime was unknown.

But recently, I have read many conflicting reports about this baby. Two reputable blogs reported that the baby was dug up in Delta State. They claim it was the girl’s father, a 25 year old labourer who buried her alive. They also gave the father’s name as Macaulay Onitcha, and the name of the baby girl as Edna Macaulay.

Their report continues to say that someone had witnessed him digging a shallow grave, dumping the baby in it and covering her with dirt. The person whose name was given as Saturday Ekama, then fought and overpowered Macaulay at the scene. After which he (Saturday) took the child to the police station to report what had happened. The baby was alive but suffered a neck injury and is still receiving treatment at Saint Francis Hospital in Asaba.

Now, here’s the interesting part…

Macaulay, who is currently in police custody at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Asaba was asked why he did it. His reply according to these blogs was that since the baby was born, his wife had denied him of sex. So he got mad and decided to bury the baby. Their reports further state that the man said he did it in anger and was sorry.

I have reposted the baby’s photos here to discuss why these stories don’t add up…

1.  When a baby is born, it takes 5 days-3 weeks for the umbilical cord to fall off.  If you look at the last photo below, you can see clearly that the baby’s umbilical cord hasn’t shrunk or shrivelled yet,; rather it looks very fresh. That helps put the baby’s age at Day Zero to 3 weeks. I personally would peg the baby’s age at 0-3 days. THAT BABY IS NOT 4 MONTHS OLD!!

2.  After a woman gives birth, she BLEEDS heavily for the first two days. The bleeding continues for 4-6 weeks at most. Therefore if we pegged the baby’s age at 3 weeks, it means the mother was still bleeding as at the time the baby was dug out of the grave. So what sane man would be demanding for sex at that time?

3. Where did this incident really happen? Asaba or Lagos?

I’m currently investigating this story. I’ve made several phone calls. If anyone has useful information for me, please email me at

I do not believe in insulting a reader’s intelligence just to gather traffic to my blog. I believe in doing things right!

Besides, this little baby deserves a straightforward story to say the least.

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  1. Child 4months old ke??? with fresh umbilical cord and blue peg attached to it or didn’t I see the picture well? hmmm is it the same child they are talking about?

  2. This is man’s inhumanity to a helpless baby. Whoever did this should be fished out and made to face the harsh reality of our law here on earth before he/she faces the hottest place in hell later

  3. Ok. Am not blaming nobody here. The man should be shot for burying his baby due to denial of affection by his wife. Especially when he could simply have (God forgive me) masturbated,visited a concubine or even visited a prostitute or best still,just pray,meditate on the Word of God,read the Word and calm your spirit. It is well.


  5. I am a mother of 2 and both my kids are long, weighty newborns. And this baby is a large newborn. Look at her face! She’s still got the “squished” womb forehead, eyes, and mouth.

  6. When I first read this story I was of course outraged by the events but I couldn’t help looking at the photos of her and thinking that is not a 4 month old. I’m so glad I found your blog!

  7. Also how did the man take the picture of the baby buried ??? He fought off the father and then what stopped to take a picture of a buried baby ???

  8. If Saturday rushed over in a hurry to dig the baby up, who took the time to take a picture of the baby still buried in the dirt?

  9. who would leave the baby buried in the dirt just to take a picture?

  10. Everything i have found says 4 months . i believe the repoter giving the hospital pic was showing her pic from birth not after she was dug up. unintentional but confusing when not specified. if this was a pic after she was dug up she would have oxygen tubes or mask and probably a neck brace on from her neck injuries as well as monitors tomake sure she is ok. i think this pic is just to show a before. and the puffy eyes would be from all that dirt on her not nessesarily from being a newborn in the other pic. i do find it disturbing that someone took a pic of her while she was still buried though instead of imediately digging her up which makes me question how real this story is.

    • The pic of the baby with the umbilical cord looks like she has dirt on her head. If so, they are the same age.

    • We aren’t talking of a nation like the USA. The baby was probably taken to a clinic which was the only place available at the time. Hence…no oxygen or neck brace. Working pediatrics it’s my personal opinion that the baby in all the pics were taken around the same time.

    • If you look at the pic of her in the dirt you will see that to the left of her side,(facing the pic) just around the thigh, the knee is the umblical cord covered in dirt. These are the same pics. the second one you can clearly tell that she has had a bath by the beeds of water on her skin, and the left over dirt on her forhead.

  11. The baby maybe 4 months. The pictures at the top the baby is bigger than the one at the hospital pic. I’m thinking the hospital pic was an old pictures of when she was born

  12. As for why the pic of the baby still in the ground…. I would think they took it for proof. The baby doesn’t look to be moving, maybe they thought it had died already?

  13. My say???? Who gives a fuck if the baby was 4 months or 3 days … how does that justify anything?! I won’t dare read this idiocy. I’m in pure disgust & anger over this & whatever the case may be; the rotten sick bastard who did this had better be UNJUSTLY punished. There is no punishment bad enough to serve the coward who done this. I am praying for this beautiful innocent baby who will also have to grow up having to know what happened. Just sick!

  14. The man that did this should get life in prison

  15. The last photo might be a different baby or being taken before the incident. However, the age of the baby is in question. Judging from the photos, look at her arms and legs (do not count the ‘clean’ baby), her age might be within one month.

    No matter how old she is, the man, no matter who he is, doing such a cruel thing to a baby is evil and deserved for jail.

    • I work labor and delivery. Cords start drying within 24 hours of being exposed to air. This cord looks less than 6 hours old.

  16. Life in prison is too good for that sick bastard. He needs to be strung up by his balls.Sorry for the language, but I’m telling it like I see it.Anyone who buries another human being who is alive deserves the same treatment.

    • Miss Can't Believe It

      I agree completely unfortunately while trying to protect humanity we allow in humane things to happen and then protect the humanity of the offender with no reguard for the victim … I say death penalty all the way and it should be cruel, painful, and gruesome … These ppl have given up their rights when they blatanly disreguarded the rights of another why protect them at all … Or better yet public punishment let the sick bastard answer to those of us who can’t even look at trash like him!

  17. !!!Bury his ass alive!!!

    • Ms.Cant Believe This

      In a box with his hands tied together and ten overweight men standing on the dirt to ensure even if he tries he won’t make it out …

  18. I just had a baby and in the first picture and the second picture you can see her little foot is still bent up as it is after a baby is born. It takes a good 4 or 5 days for the feet to relax after being in the postion for months. So that baby is a newborn. The first photo makes her appear larger but if you look you can see her foot is bent like a newborn and nothing is against it in the two photos to make it do that. That sweet little baby was protected by God and is meant to do great things with her life. That man should pay for what he did. He is a heartless person and should have the same thing done to him with no rescue.

  19. Thank God she’s OK.

  20. I commend you for wanting the true facts to be told however it doesn’t matter how old she is the man should pay dearly for what he has done Bastard

  21. Personally I think it is a hoax. Who brings a baby to the hospital, get it all cleaned up and doesn’t wash it’s head?
    Definitely not a four month old child.
    In the 1st photo I think that baby looks dead. Think about it. Don’t you think that baby would be screaming it’s head off after being buried and supposedly suffering a neck injury.
    People are sick these days.

  22. You know what, I definitely agree with you Ms G and the commentator and others on this blog. Most of the time we beleive what we read or hear and run with it without further investigation. From now on I will stop and absolutely give a story some thought before I run off into gossip land.

  23. I think it is possible she is 4 months old at the time she was buried. But a btw born in the photo were she is clean. If you look at her forehead you can see what appears to be after birth in the second photo. Perhaps it was the only pictures the press had to release.

  24. Abagail Richard

    My Name Abagail an i live in Louisiana an I an my Husband would love to take care of this little Angle that god is watching over. We don’t have much but we can give her alot of love an care. Yes we have children but they are all gone an they have. Kids of there own. So she will have us to her self. Please let us know if. That is possible.

  25. And hell just cuz she was bleeding doesnt mean the husband cared he probably wanted some and she told he buried tht baby. And maybe they took pictures of the baby buried so the could have evidence ppl use your head.

  26. The baby’s head is not ‘unwashed’. Newborns often have a lot of downy hair on their forheads and faces that goes away later.

  27. I am a midwife, have seen many newborn babies and babies throughout the first year. The puffiness of her face, the position of her feet and the freshness of the umbilicus leads me to believe she was less than 3 days old. Without intervention, the umbilicus will collapse in on itself and dry out, shriveling/shrinking, significantly within the first two-three days. That is definitely a neonate.
    The “father” of this baby needs to have someone dig a grave a little deeper for him. Make sure someone stays on top so he doesn’t climb back out.

  28. Any more info on this story?

  29. Who cares how old is she, does it matter anyways? THE KID WAS BURIED ALIVE!!!! Thats what matters.

    “what sane man would be demanding for sex at that time?” What are you trying to say? In anyway how did you assume this was done by a “sane” man? The man is INSANE to bury her alive, let alone demanding sex.

  30. maybe i’m just not seeing it but it is unclear to me whether the baby actually died or survived bc of all the different stories. so..?

  31. Ppl r sick who in the right mind would do this to a baby they need to be shot. That baby didnt ask to be here and be hurt from no one … god bless u baby girl

  32. Who cares the age of the baby…its a baby!! Your missing the big picture ….a baby was burried alive….unbelieveable what poeple discuss..

  33. that’s sick who in their right mind buries their newborn makes my tummy turn to see shit like this but u kno we live in a very twisted world now god pray for this whole situation

  34. They need to do the same thing to him! If nobody will, I would! Sick, evil bastard! Poor baby.

  35. God can aide the law in his punishment my concern is the baby. Is she still alive? Is she being cared for properly? Is she up for adoption? I know of a wonderful couple who could give her a very pleasant life.

  36. i think who ever did it sick and their r men out their that dont care if u had a baby or not so who knows y it happened i am just thankful the baby is alive

  37. As a husband and a man who wants to be a father I CANNOT TOLERATE ANY PERSON WHO WOULD HARM A CHILD! Angry, Pissed, Upset, Outraged, these words awake all in my heart NOW! I grew up without a father, and it really showed me the type of father I want to be.

  38. My wife and I have been trying for almost twelve years. And to think that someone would bury their child because he wasn’t getting sex is ludicrous! This man needs to be “TORTURED” and given a very very very painful death!

    • There are SO many beautiful sweet and loving babies and children that need to be adopted! I couldnt have children and adopted two children 20 years ago. They are the biggest blessings of my life, funny thing is people dont believe they were adopted!

  39. Bury the so called “father’ alive but make sure the evil bastard can’t get out! I burst into tears when I saw this photo of her/him buried alive, this world of ours keeps getting more evil by the day. I just can’t even begin to comprehend what kind of person could do that to a tiny, helpless baby, but I sincerely hope he rots in hell.

  40. You need to get your facts about child birth straight. A woman does not bleed for weeks after giving birth unless she is hemorraging, which is serious and requires medical treatment. There may be a small amount of normal discharge in the following weeks, but it does not prevent the couple from having intercourse. When to start having intercourse after child birth is a personal decision, and it is quite common for the man to be ready before the woman. Denial of sex is a very common complaint for new fathers, and the child is often resented and blamed for it, through usually not to this extreme of course.

    As for the story, just don’t believe anything you read on the Internet. Odds are every one of the various versions is fake, or at least not entirely factual.

  41. He should get life! Where’s she at now??

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