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BEAUTY WARS PART 1 | Igbo & Yoruba Battle On Twitter On Which Tribe Has The Finest Girls

TWITTER WARS-IGBO-YORUBA GIRLSI was taking a cool evening stroll on Twitter, when I noticed the words, “Igbo”, “Yoruba” and “Hausa/Fulani” were among the top ten trending topics.

Not another ethnic clash again! I sighed. As I opened the threads prepared to read the worst, I discovered to my amusement that it was not a serious war…just a social battle of some sorts. What triggered it?

It started when a woman named Chinwendu Jessica Alozie, who may be the current title holder of Miss Igbo USA 2017 in a bid to promote her rich culture urged other Igbo ladies to post their photos and their states of origin under her thread…MISS IGBO-600x700Some Igbo men came and praised their sisters to high heavens saying they were more beautiful than their Yoruba sisters, and thus a beauty war was declared. The Yoruba ladies also created their own counter thread. I’ll leave you to be the judge.

In part one of this article, I present to you the lovely ladies of Igbo land in South-Eastern and South-South of Nigeria!

Igbo Beauties…



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  1. Nice blog buddy.You really took time to post details of the twitter war unlike some other blogs with vague details. 5 stars for your great documentation. I have also viewed the second part of this post and i enjoyed it. That been said Yoruba women are much more prettier than Igbo women but these cyber wars are not necessary.

  2. This is the rate of naija girls in beauty.
    Ibo – 50%
    Yoruba – 90%
    Hausa – 70%
    Edo – 55%
    Fulani – 95%
    So yoruba is far pretty than ibo and Fulani is the best.

  3. Igbo babes sabi make mouth ogerraraher yoruba fine past you.

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