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Between Jumia, Myself & My Mom

BLESSING UDO-640x480That’s my mom there…sweet lady!

So for the past one month, I’ve been going back and forth with Jumia…an online shopping store…over a product I bought.

Some of you may not know this, but I had a terrible fall at the local market one day while carrying my youngest child. In a bid to protect the baby, I broke the fall with my left knee. Since then, it’s been a challenge working out, climbing stairs…stuff like that. Of course, my weight started shooting up.

Then I started feeling a sharp pain in the other good knee, probably from taking all the weight that should have been shared with the bad knee. My doctor suggested I lose a considerable amount of weight to lessen the burden on the knees.

A good weight loss regimen involves 80% of clean diet and 20% exercise. To make sure my 80% was on point, I decided to make a great deal of my diet to comprise of smoothies. Most smoothie makers I’ve bought keep packing up, until most friends told me they swear by the Magic Bullet blender.

So I check Jumia and settle for Magic Bullet’s Nutribullet Nutrition Extractor. The product got to me, it wasn’t working as it should be and I called their customer care to have it retrieved. I won’t give much details out of respect for my mom.

NUTRIBULLET-600x600The Nutribullet Nutrition Extractor [Photo Credit: Amazon]

But it got to a point where Jumia sent me the same message seven times to tell me they were sending some guy to retrieve the product but never did. At this point, I was livid with rage because my goal of losing weight this November in time for Christmas had been thwarted.

When I threatened to go to social media and my blog with the full story, they sat up. But not before my mother gave me a phone call to plead on Jumia’s behalf. My oyibo mother doesn’t like wahala at all…hehehe!!!

Mummy always has a way of calming me down with the wittiest Ibibio words ever. I laughed so hard that I wasn’t mad at them anymore.

I took to Twitter and wrote what you see below, to which Jumia responded…

JUMIA-MUMMY-720x781I thought Jumia’s tweet was funny and a sweet way of communicating with their clients. It’s such a shame they deleted it soon after they tweeted at me. But trust me, I got a screenshot.

I can’t help but wonder why Jumia left every other tweet they sent to me, but deleted this particular one.

BLESSING UDO-2-640x480My mother, Blessing UdoMUM-DEEVA-CVMummy & I



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