‘Bird Woman’ In Oshodi Dies In Lagos Hospital…Should Nigerians Believe Witchcraft Still Exists?


BIRD WOMAN 1On the Friday afternoon of October 10, around 1pm at Cappa bus stop, in the Oshodi area of Lagos, there was a great commotion.

People were gathered to catch a glimpse of a middle-aged woman whom  eyewitnesses say was first seen as a bird which fell from a high tension wire. She  landed on the ground and turned into a woman. Her skin was peeled all over and bloodied and in an eyewitnesses words she “looked so irritating.”

The crowd took photos and videos and tweeted them out. Thus ‘Bird Woman’ became an instant Internet sensation.

She reportedly confessed that she was on her way to see her son, as her daughter in-law just gave birth. She also allegedly confessed that she killed her husband. The police soon arrived and prevented the irate mob from lynching her. She was later whisked away in a white truck.

Yesterday, the news broke that she had died. The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, who confirmed her death, said she has been deposited at a morgue. He explained:

“Eyewitnesses said there was a bird which fell down and turned into a woman.

So, a large crowd gathered round her. She was not attacked.

Eventually, when the police got there, they rescued the woman from the surging crowd.

But unfortunately, she died, and her body has been deposited at the Mainland General Hospital’s morgue.”

I’ve been following this story interestingly since it broke and one question kept nagging me: Should we still believe in the existence of witchcraft?

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When it comes to the issue of African witchcraft, I wish I could authoritatively give you the facts about it, but I’d only be a witch to know the truth. But there is one thing, I cannot deny. I know witchcraft exists. From the time witches were burned on the stakes in old England up till when I was a kid growing up here in Nigeria, the story of witches have always been a creepy, scary yet fascinating topic.

I remember reading the popular junior secondary literature book, ‘Sugar Girl’, a story about a charming little girl called Ralia who got lost in the bush and ended up in a witch’s hut. She was so scared that the witch was going to cook her up and eat her until the village search party found her. Then I heard live stories from my older relatives about how witches operated in my village. All these were enough to make me so scared about witches and their ‘powers’.

After I got born-again, I had an encounter with a demonic presence in my home…story for another day. That encounter changed my perception and understanding of the forces of darkness. There is a common trick they all play; whether they are classified under juju, mammywater or winch spirits and that common trick is playing mind games with you by sowing the seed of fear.

One thing humans do not realise is that fear paralyses our minds and distorts our spiritual balance. At that vulnerable moment, we are exposed to forces bolder or stronger than us and God help you if that force prevails. The only time evil can conquer you, is when you let it mess with your mind. Your mind powers your spirit to win or lose. That’s why the first step Satan takes to destroy you is by taking control of your mind. How does it work?

No man has ever seen God right? But by reading his Word, we believe in him through faith which is powered by our minds. We then have encounters with the Holy Spirit and are blessed by His benefits when we OPEN UP to Him. Now, the devil also uses the same process. You open up to the devil, you get messed up.

While witchcraft may still exist, it isn’t supposed to catch your interest the way it caught that of the mob…to the extent that they wanted to kill a woman whom never  knew and who has never attacked them before. In my experience, evil fears you when you treat them like the inferior spirit they are. They realise that you KNOW the truth and this time, they are the ones thrown aback because they are used to humans attacking them out of fear.

There is one constant way I conquer evil, and that is by speaking the WORD in AUTHORITY. I still remember the marine spirit telling me that night like it was yesterday:

“So you know the Word?”

And I said yes. She wasn’t referring to my ability to recite a hundred memory verses. She was referring to the way I stood with a calmness that was not of this world, looking straight into the eyes of the body she had possessed without any trace of fear and speaking the scriptures so CONFIDENTLY like I was there when they were being written. She was referring to the smirk on my face as she realised that I knew I was not standing alone, that I felt the presence of Jehovah Sabboth’s host standing behind me as I played captain of the army  for that night.

That is the mental path we should take on the topic of witchcraft. Sadly because of fear, hatred and jealousy. Many innocent women were labelled as witches and burned to the stake in old England. History is yet to forgive the perpetrators of the great witch hunts of the early modern period in Europe and the notorious Salem witch trials of  17th century colonial Massachusetts, North America. Even today, many innocent children in my region are labelled witches and tortured to death.

The innocent shall always be wrongly accused along with the guilty and their innocent blood spilled for no just cause until we change the way our minds perceive and react to evil.


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