Bisi Alimi Cusses Nigeria Out In New Facebook Post [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


BISI-ALIMI-FBI don’t know if I have the right to say I do not like Bisi Alimi (I’m trying very hard to choose my words carefully). Not because he is gay, but because of what he spews out most times in his writings.

Take this Facebook post of his for example. The basic reason for his anger is that power failure interrupted his television production. Then he lashes out at Nigerians for not speaking up about the hardships they are facing from decades of corrupt governance. He urges them to do more by physically demanding for their basic rights, instead of praying and hoping for a miracle to happen.

He ends his post with a threat…“If you come here to spew hate, I’ll make you choke on it.”

In one short paragraph, I was able to summarise the actual message Bisi intended to put across, but that’s after I fought hard the initial irritation I felt after reading the post because there were so many interjections of profanity and disrespect for people’s faith and even their right to freedom of speech.

As an activist, Mr. Alimi of all people should understand how it feels to make one feel oppressed or even less inferior to the next man. You cannot claim to be a voice for a community whose rights have been denied at the expense of others.

The reason I feel I do not have the right to say I dislike anyone is because I am mortal, I cannot tell the future and thus the misery of ignorance is upon me. That and the fact that I am like grass that flourishes in the dawn and then withers at sunset keeps me humble enough to learn everyday as I live my life.

There is a reason that man is created to belong to different races, colour and creed; with diverse cultures and tradition. It is simple wisdom to decipher that the Creator did so in order for us to appreciate the diversity in the characteristics of every human. So what I may not like in a person gives me the drive to study them closely so that I can better understand why people act the way they do.

It is only ignorance that drives a man with a public image to spew harsh words in such a generalised manner, and at nation as large as Nigeria; just because a group within it have opinions that differ from yours…or because you have a bunch of internet trolls bugging your life.

Pray tell me Mr. Alimi…what do you have against praying or those who pray? The Israelites were in bondage in the land of Egypt for four hundred and thirty years. God did not answer them, yet they continued to cry out to a God they never knew but only heard about through stories passed down from their ancestors. When God eventually answered, it led to the most phenomenal miracles ever recorded in human history. Can you compare that to fifty years of Nigeria’s ‘bondage’?

Just like you have the right to be you; people who pray also have the right to be them. I get the fact that a lot of Nigerians are brain-washed religious fanatics who cannot think for themselves except what their church ‘Papas’ and ‘Mamas’ have programmed them to believe and accept. But I can assure you that they are even a greater number of intelligent Nigerians who understand the need to study their holy books on their own to discover the truth in it and how to apply it to their daily lives. There are also even more Nigerians who understand that the road to true reform is by treating mankind, nay every creature of nature with the same kind consideration that they would expect for themselves.

It is for the sake of these Nigerians that I write this, so you don’t come off as unpleasant or worse yet plain stupid. Because like we say in our Nigerian proverb, you don’t go naked chasing the mad man who stole your clothes and wore them, because passersby would find it difficult to tell who the mad or sane man really is.

A wise person will hear you when you speak once. Those are the ones who are truly worth your energy.

I think you owe the intelligent Nigerian population an apology.


*Click on the photo above to better read Bisi Alimi’s writing.

Photo Credit: Bisi Alimi on Facebook


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