Bisi Alimi Educates Nigerians On How To Properly Address A Gay Married Couple [MY #DEEVANALYSIS]


bisi-alimi-wife-1Bisi Alimi seems to be getting lots of questions about who is the wife and who is the husband in his new marriage.

In a video posted on IG, the LGBTQ activist, who recently got married gave insights on how to address married same-sex couple. Whether to call them husband and wife or husband and husband.

According to him, same-sex couple are either addressed as husband and husband or wife and wife.

Bisi wrote,

“This is not 60secs with Bisi because 60 secs with Bisi will be back but it is important to take time out from the crazy busy schedule here and say thanks to all of you that have wished us well. To the confused, here is a bit of education for you. I love you al irrespective.”

bisi-alimi-wifeNow, I’m all for every human standing in their truth and for that, I’ll never judge or condemn you, whether you’re gay or straight.

However, while standing in your truth, never ever twist the truth. [Leviticus 18:22; Leviticus 20:13]

I respect Bisi for standing in his truth, and I wish him a happy married life, but did he just say “holy matrimony” in his same-sex marriage lecture?

Yes, he did…yes he did. Hmmm…it is a matrimony no doubt but not ‘holy’ as clearly stated in the bible. I’m even surprised Bisi preferred to use the word ‘holy’, because he’s constantly bashing religion, Christianity and so-called religious people.

The word ‘Holy’ is a term for Christianity and perhaps Islam…religions and belief systems with their¬†own doctrines. Everyone is not compelled to obey these doctrines. [Matthew 10:14]holy-meaningSo you can engage in your same sex relationships and marriages, but there is no way on God’s earth that it can be called “holy” because it isn’t and that is the truth. Even for straight married couples, their matrimony is holy when their marriage bed is kept pure…which is no cheating with other sex partners.

So please, let’s totally get what the term “holy” means and use it in proper context.

Watch the video…


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