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Bisi Alimi Falls Out With LGBT Organizer Over Violent Threats To A Woman [DETAILS]

BISI ALIMIBisi Alimi posted an acidic rant on his Facebook page yesterday. If you missed it, click HERE.

The self-styled gay rights activist took a swipe at the ‘Nigerian situation’ using the most obscene approach you could ever imagine. At the end of his post, he threatened to “choke” anyone who would dare oppose his view.

One Nigerian lady, who goes by the name Marilyn Chinwe on Facebook, was bold enough to stand up to him. Unfortunately, it seems Alimi deleted her comment before I could get to see what she wrote.

This was was Alimi’s response to her:

“You Marilyn Chinwe are a very STUPID person. Your stupidity should be examined as a form of mental deformation.”

“BITCH!!! You dont come to my territory and try to prove a point. I will light up your fucking arse. I mean it. All I have to do is post your image online and I will find out where you dirty arse lives and get you trashed. It will only cost me £50 believe me.”

A Caucasian Facebook friend of his, Kevin Gamble, was shocked at Alimi’s outburst and this sparked off an exchange between them.

Kevin said:

“Can’t believe what I’m reading, Bisi. Never imagined you were the type of man to threaten a woman with violence!”

Bisi responded even more acidly:

“I am not sorry to say I refused to me [sic] lectured. If you both don’t like what I have posted you can either ignore or unfriend.

And to point out Kevin, I am not threatening anymore, so don’t come here and preach righteousness to me. I made a statement of fact.

And I will do as I said and as far as I am concerned I don’t give a fuck about the gender of that person.

The unfriend and block button is on the left side of my profile.”

So Kevin replied him finally:

“Ok, Bisi, I’ll ‘unfriend’ you. I also want to make clear that your previous offer of support for my LGBTQ homeless clients is no longer welcome.”

To which Bisi said:

“Have a great time Kevin and best of lucky [sic] to you in your work and your life. Peace.”

BISI ALIMI-FB RANTI have no words for Bisi at this moment because I fear they might not be civil.

But I think some guy named, Uriel Ogunlaja, who knew this Bisi clown from way back made a point to remind him about where he came from in case he has forgotten.

Here’s what Uriel wrote on the comment thread…BISI ALIMI-FB RANT-2

“Bisi Alimi, I am surprised that you are now so “mouthed”………………what happened to your ragged assed, poverty stricken self back in the days at Jaja hall at the University of Lagos, Nigeria?

When you will join the queue and most times “jump” the queue to get served by Mama Calabar at night at the shopping complex opposite Jaja Hall?

Don’t come on here on Facebook all because Britain which no longer has “Great” as a prefix granted you asylum, you now open your mouth to slander Nigeria?

Dude, get a job or get squared! I feel sorry for you because I thought by now you would have figured out who and what you are………..you sound LOST son!”

Photo Credit: bisialimi.com | Bisi Alimi/Facebook



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