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Bisi Alimi Reacts To Nigerians Attacking Him On Facebook

BISI ALIMI-PUNCHThis man is cray cray. And seriously I don’t think this man is hated as much for being gay as for his bad attitude, unpleasant personality and uncouth manners.

Bisi Alimi last month in a Facebook post, boasted about how he made a barber walk out a customer at a Nigerian barber shop, because according to him, the man was making homophobic comments.

The man was speaking in favour of the Nigerian anti-gay law, and maintained that he had a right to his opinion. Yet Alimi attacked him by making sure everyone in the shop saw the man as an evil homophobic.

I really do think human beings should know when to draw the line in terms of abusing a person’s fundamental human rights….be it the right to your sexual preference or the right to speak your mind.

At the end of the day, people who end up playing the victim, may in fact be the antagonist.

Just saying!



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