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 Black Twitter Celebrates The 21st Anniversary Of Mark Morrison’s ‘Return of the Mack’ 

Mark Morrison’s classic hit “Return of the Mack” has been a club mainstay since its release on March 18, 1996. On its 21st anniversary, Black Twitter decided to celebrate the song’s birthday and how it makes them feel whenever the song comes on.

“Return of the Mack” is the ultimate brush you shoulders off anthem. On the infectious song, buoyed by the “Genius of Love” sample, Morrison is telling his deceptive lover that she has broke his heart with her lies and cheating ways. “You lied to me / Even though you know I’d die for you / You lied to me / Yes I cried, yes I cri-i-ied,” he sings.

Later in the song, Morrison announces that he’s back on the scene and his mack game is still strong. “So, I’m back up in the game (hustling sound) / Running things to keep my swing (whole night long) / Letting all the people know / That I’m back to run the show,” he sings.

The birthday celebration was kicked off by the man himself, Mark Morrison. The U.K. singer went on his social media accounts to celebrate the 21st birthday of “Return of the Mack.” From there, folks on Twitter posted their thoughts on the classic tune.

“‘Return of the Mack’ is one of the best songs ever. Still the jam,” tweeted one fan. Another person wrote, “Mark Morrison poured his soul into ‘Return Of The Mack.’ That was a man being pulled back into the game against his better judgement.”

However, to some people on Twitter, “Return of the Mack” is the worst song ever. Blasphemous!

One commenter tweeted, “‘Return of The Mack’ is an AWFUL song,” while another person wrote, “I never did like ‘Return of the Mack.’ Idc what you all say – I hate that song.”

What do you think of Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack”? Is it a classic song or is it garbage? Tell us in the comments below.

Check out people’s reactions from Twitter below…mark morrison-return of the mack-2Watch this Twitter user go when he hears the song play…


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