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Black Women, Never Mess With Your Faces…See How Gladys Knight Looks At 70

GLADYS KNIGHT-PBWB-667x500The Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight was spotted on Wednesday May 13, at the Paley Center for Media in New York where she was attending A Tribute To African American Achievements In Television”.

The 70-year-old legendary singer looked flawlessly beautiful in an Azure blue flowing floor-length dress with a lace bodice.

I must confess that I’ve known or rather seen Ms. Knight since I was a kid and she doesn’t look so different from back then. If anything, she looks even more stunning than I ever remembered.

No nose job, face lift, cheek fillers and all of those stuff celebs mess up their faces with. Now I truly believe black don’t crack. It’s God’s compensation to us, black people. The very colour the world hates is the last to get wrinkled…it’s strong and resilient.

So next time someone tells you that you’re from an inferior race, just remember black is beautiful and it sure don’t crack. Now y’all young black women, messing with your faces, using harsh and harmful bleaching creams, botox, cosmetic surgery, chemical peels and all that crazy stuff…

Y’all better take a cue from Ms. Knight, she’s 70 and looks like a young girl perhaps from a beauty regimen you’d probably refer to as “old school.”

Photographer/Photo Credit: Andrew Toth for Getty Images | WireImage



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