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Blackface Says Tuface Idibia is Gay…Ariana Grande Wades into the Gist

This is hilarious right? 2Baba of all people gay??? Lol!

Okay, this happened when Ahmedu Obiabor, popularly known as Blackface released a diss track called “War” where he called Tuface Idibia, “gay.”

Blackface and Tuface were former bandmates in the defunct male musical group, “Plantashun Boys.” Tuface went solo and became the most successful member of the group till date. Blackface has been on his throat ever since, accusing him of song theft and now being gay.

Tuface is the father to seven children from three different women and is usually the butt of jokes for spreading his seed far and wide. That’s why it’s hilarious to even think he could be gay.

About Ariana Grande. Some mischievous Nigerian just tweeted that response under a random question the American singer tweeted sometime in February.



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