BLOG ANNIVERSARY | Peace Ben Williams Blog Is 4 Years Old Today

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DEEVA-LENSTROKES BIRTHDAY SHOOT-1September 4, 2012…the date that changed the course of my entire life as a woman and a writer.

I published my first post on Peace Ben Williams Blog after weeks of procrastination bordering mostly on nerves. That one move has spiraled me on a roller coaster ride that has left me with no regrets whatsoever since I launched my blog.

I started this blog because I wanted to lend my voice to the social news trends in society. A lot of things were going on around the world and I felt it wasn’t just enough telling the story from a journalistic standpoint. What my generation knew as morality was fast fading away and I observed there were a lot of mistakes…some fatal being made by people.

I wanted to remind us that there was a blueprint, a system of going about these things albeit ‘old school’ but a gentle reminder that every challenge we face today on earth had already been experience by our ancestors and perhaps the solutions they applied could help.

It was a very frustrating approach to take in blogging because most readers misconstrued my blogging style for being judgmental, too critical and even too hateful. A few appreciated the intellectual analysis and other intelligent reads, but I still forged ahead.

Last year, I got so frustrated that I almost gave up. On the blog’s third anniversary, I didn’t pen my thoughts because I didn’t see the need to celebrate. I didn’t feel the blog had achieved the growth it deserved in its three years of existence.

But this year, I see more clearly and appreciate all the high and low points this blog has experienced. In all truth, Peace Ben Williams Blog is a success. A dream that started from a young stay-at-home mom who had a passion for writing. My achievements through this endeavour are immeasurable and I cannot be thankful enough to God.

Thank you dear readers…whom I fondly call PWEEBERS…for sticking it with me through thick and thin. The 5th Anniversary is going to be great. I’m actually planning something…giveaways and a get-together where I can finally meet some of my readers in person. Hope to see you then.

Thank you, United States of America! My American readers have taken my blog to a level of awareness I never imagined possible in such a short while. Thank you!

Thank you Nigerians, you’re the best. Thank you to my Asian readers, Singapore…Malaysia, and Bangladesh, I see you. Australia and United Kingdom, I see you too. God bless you all.

Happy 4th Anniversary to Peace Ben Williams Blog!!!



  • Jehovah Elshaddai, Jireh, Rohi…the Most High…I would be no where without you.
  • Jesus Christ my saviour, you show up when I’m almost giving up and you raise me up.
  • Holy Spirit…teacher of wisdom, giver of strength and direction
  • Ben Oshionameh Williams. For being a strong financial backbone and pillar of support.
  • Sunday Udo. If I had 3 morale boosters as consistent as you, the sky would be my launching pad. Thank you.
  • Blessing Udo. Your prayers and praise for my work takes over a week for my swollen head to return to normal. I love you.
  • Chineze Agweye. A friend closer than a sister you are. How can I ever thank you? Much love.
  • Tina Canice Beshel. My Tinana, one and only unadulterated. What would I do without you?
  • Eka Archibong. My grammar queen and proof reader and co-analyzer. You rock!
  • Adams Okon Umoh. You are one of my most consistent readers and supporter. When rewards for PBWB comes, you’re sure to be top on the list. Thank you, Sir.
  • Ifeanyi Gbemudu. It’s amazing how we’ve grown to become family. God used you to wipe shame from my face. The best technical manager, I could ever wish for. Bless you. This guy is responsible for the fantastic look of this blog.
  • Primrose Obata Dodo. We’ve never met but I feel like I have a blood sister, somewhere. When I wanted to give up, you said “No”. As a blogger herself, this lady encourages my blog when other bloggers would look at me as competition. I value you. Visit her blog- Poddesk Blog.
  • Iyabo Onuwaje. My California love. Thank you for your support.
  • Melissa my darling blogger in Germany. I appreciate you.
  • JoJo on Twitter. Thanks a million for your consistent visits.
  • Tobore Adakaraza. Though we fell out, I still and always will acknowledge your input.
  • Austyn Ustyno on Twitter. Thank you for your support brother.
  • Diamond Akpanika. You told me I “write like a dream”. One of the best things I ever heard anyone say about my work.
  • Grace Udo Ogbobine. Sister of life. You too much!
  • Itoro Udo. Itoro the Casa International! Thanks for your immense support.
  • Andrew Udo. Your hailings nor get part two! I hail right back.
  • Caleb Williams. My Sports Editor…thanks dude.
  • Bernadine Williams. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.
  • Japheth Omojuwa. You remain an inspiration. Thanks for letting God use you.
  • Eric Udosen. Thanks for choosing my blog.
  • George Obote. You are an inspiration, always. I value you.
  • Emem Udosen. A mentor indeed you are. Thank you.
  • Idongesit Nwabueze. Thank you dear.
  • Nene Udensi. Thank you, hun.
  • Mary Masade Aghemenlo. Thank you.
  • Monica Omorodion Swaida. Ardent reader and sister.
  • Simonye Nicole. I always love your 2 cents.
  • Affiong Elumelu. Thank you.
  • Chidiebere Ozoemena. Thank you.
  • Ena Ofugara. Thanks Bro.
  • Edung Adeloye. I see you Sis. Much love.
  • @ChuzeeBonano on Twitter. Dude, you’re too dedicated. Much love!!
  • Ogechi Elendu. Thank you, Sis.
  • Ideh Elohor. Thank you Sir.
  • Vickie Roberts. Sister, Sister…much love!

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3 thoughts on “BLOG ANNIVERSARY | Peace Ben Williams Blog Is 4 Years Old Today”

  1. Ekaete says:

    Congratulations sweetie, it just keeps getting better and like fine wine it will get even better. I’m so proud to be associated with this great vision. Keep soaring babes.

  2. Grace Udo Ogbobine says:

    Congratulations my darling sister, I am mighty proud of you, keep breaking barriers, your journalism is always on point. Way to go.

  3. Elendu's Girl-pickin says:

    .Waoh 4 years already! Time really does fly. Seems just like yesterday – see how far you’ve come and grown along the way. Congratulations and keep up the good work. I’m reading all the time even if I don’t always comment. Very proud and definitely glad to be associated with PBW Blog

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