Warding Off Negative Energy From 40+

By: admin July 28, 2019

You know how you wake up in the morning to check Facebook, all to see a post you made many years back popping up on your timeline as a memory?
To Confront Or Not Confront A Perpetrator [PART 1]

By: admin March 20, 2019

THIS IS NOT ME. I will definitely come for you bearing fangs. I don’t see pretending not to know as a grace. Unless you are cooking up an unpleasant surprise
Who Is Knacking Your Future Wife?
Who Is Knacking Your Future Wife?

By: Peace October 24, 2018

Slightly distasteful description but simply the hard truth. Sometimes it’s difficult to find who to blame: The bachelor or the economy? My Dad got married when he was 26 years
The Reward Of Being A Good Teacher

By: admin July 6, 2018

I grew up in the era of public schools, where being insanely strict was thought to be the best way to educate a child. It was an era where teachers
The Ignorance of Some Nigerian Men About the Female Workload

By: Peace May 26, 2018

When I read ignorant comments like this, I sometimes wish God could spray Shelltox on such people so they drop down like mosquitoes and give sensible people more space to
“Ugly Duckling To Swan” – New Series Coming Up On Peace Ben Williams Blog

By: admin May 25, 2018

I’ve been thinking of running these series for over two years now. Most of my regular readers already know that I have a blog category called ‘Deevanalysis.’ In fact, it
Why Men Will Continue To See Amber Rose & Blac Chyna As Cheap Sluts

By: Peace May 15, 2018

Amber Rose has deleted the mushy message she shared on social media proclaiming love for her ex 21 Savage. This comes after 21 Savage gave a very savage response to
Happy New Month! Make May Count!!

By: admin May 1, 2018

Welcome to the month of May, 2018. We are grateful for life, good health and exploits. Make May count. Best wishes from, Peace Ben Williams Blog.
Abuja Blogger, Amanda Chisom Exposes Fake Friends Who Destroyed Her In A Group Chat | #Deevanalysis

By: Peace March 13, 2018

Amanda Chisom is an Abuja-based blogger, but she is more popular on Facebook as a media influencer. She posted these screenshots yesterday evening. Someone drew her attention to a group
The Stereotype Of Igbo People Having ‘Longer Throat’ For Money And Cheating People

By: admin March 12, 2018

As a Nigerian, if an Igbo person is mentioned in a discussion or joke, the common thing you’ll hear is they are greedy for quick wealth, will stop at nothing