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Boko Haram Commander Did Not Escape…He is Hospitalised

Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Abubakar

The Boko Haram commander who was reported to have escaped from detention yesterday is actually receiving medical attention at an undisclosed location.

The suspect, whose real name is Mohammed Kachalla, was said to have fallen ill some weeks ago before he sought medical care.

Sources said that the police authorities were rattled by a television report that a terror suspect had escaped, and they quickly ordered a head count of all terror suspects in police custody.

So Nigerians can breathe a sigh of relief…for now.




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  1. I think Nigerians should be afraid because,if my memory serves me correctly,the Nigerian Police spokesman said they don’t have any Mohammed on their suspect list. Now we hear a different story,that they have him but in the hospital. I really don’t get it. I can’t even begin to get it.
    Something is not right somewhere.

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