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Bola Shagaya Sends Dinner Invitation to Aisha Buhari as APC Members Launch Campaign Against it

SHAGAYA-BUHARI-PBWB-661x500APC London group has launched a campaign on its Facebook page ever since the news broke that one of Africa’s richest women, Bola Shagaya, allegedly invited the soon to be first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari to a lavish dinner.

Calling the dinner a “Trojan Horse Dinner”,  the APC london group said Mrs. Shagaya was a bad influence on Nigerian first ladies and begged Mrs. Buhari to decline.

Another staunch member of the APC in diaspora, Bamidele Ademola-Olateju also wrote this on her Facebook wall:

“Nigeria’s Biggest Influence Peddler – Scourge of First Ladies”

She’s been there since the days of Maryam Babangida. She plots and schemes her way in long before the First Ladies will learn the ropes. She organizes lavish dinners and pay for expensive jewelry hunting trips to Dubai and shopping spree at the choicest Swiss embroiders. She is Bola Shagaya. She is unusually gifted at doing whatever it takes to get to Nigeria’s President through their wives. Her values basically takes the coloration of current First Ladies and she plays to their weaknesses.

Bola Shagaya is a student of power, she’s mastered the game and knows that the controllers of national power are the one who who hold the levers of economic power and untimately; the deployment of vast riches. She knows, you can hardly get anything on merit in Nigeria. Oil blocks worth billions of dollars are not issued to the best and brightest but to cronies and whoever they represent. Bola Shagaya is a skilled predator, she moves stealthily for the kill when her prey is unwary of any adversary.

She’s at it again! Planning lavish dinner for the incoming First Lady – Aisha Buhari. The invite is already out. No! This time must be different. We know that, as much as there are potential beneficiaries of government policies, there will be lobbyists who will have every incentive in the world to try to influence the decisions. The difference is that informal subversion of national interest is a constant in Shagaya’s plays. She must be stopped. These are the things we must eradicate. I call on Mrs. Aisha Buhari to reject this invite and begin to set clean and clear cut positive examples for women. No to Bola Shagaya.”



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