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BREAKING NEWS!!! Kanye West Rushed To Hospital During Australian Tour As He Suffered A Seizure

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian At Yeezus Pop-up Store In MelbourneKanye West has allegedly been rushed to the hospital in Melbourne, Australia hours before his final concert down under was set to take place.

On Wednesday, Sept. 10, the 37-year-old was checked into Melbourne’s Epworth Hospital in Richmond, where he received an emergency MRI, a new report claims.

An eyewitness told Woman’s Day, an Australian publication, the rapper had half of his face covered as he was escorted into the hospital through a back entrance by his security team.

Patients and their family members were allegedly forced to move out of the waiting area so the Yeezus rapper could be treated privately. Loraine Terry told the mag:

“My daughter was having an MRI. Shortly after it began, security burst in and cleared the area.”

“Everyone was moved out of the waiting and consulting rooms. We were the only ones left apart from doctors and nurses — we couldn’t leave as the MRI wasn’t finished. Next thing we knew, Kanye was stretchered [sic] in surrounded by security. He had one side of his face covered with something white. We both knew it was him because we had seen in his photo in the paper everyday and we were shocked because it looked so serious.”

“Everyone was massively panicked, and they were very nervous about making sure the area was completely clear.”

According to Ms. Terry, doctors were concerned Kanye had either suffered a seizure or was on the verge of one—forcing the hospital to perform an emergency MRI.

While the cause of his illness remains unclear, the report states his wife, Kim Kardashian, stayed by his side throughout the ordeal.

Despite being released around 4:30 PM local time, Kanye took to the stage in front of a packed crowd later that night. As of press time, a rep for the rapper and the hospital have yet to comment on the situation.

This story is still developing…KIMYE-CV

Source: InTouch Weekly 



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