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BREAKING NEWS!!! Some Killers Of The 4 Uniport Students Identified!

These faces have been identified as being present when the brutal beating and killing of the 4 Uniport students took place. Anybody who knows them should please contact the police immediately. If they didn’t partake in the killing, they can at least lead the police to those who did. #Justicefor Aluu4.

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  1. Based on the number/frequency of savage blood chilling crimes committed in Nigeria these days, policing should move from looking for the criminals after the fact, to intelligence gathering, fast response and crime prevention. Nigeria is really overtaking Somalia in violent barbarian crimes.

  2. The truth is finally out!!! One of the four boys borrowed some huge amount of money to 1 Aluu boy who is his friend and for a time now d aluu boy has been trying to play smart(not to pay back) and on that fateful Friday, d boy(uniport boy) arranged with his other 3 friends to surprise his debtor very early in d morning to ask of his money. Unknown to him, d animal had plans too, after some arguments d aluu boy called his fellows and started shouting that d uniport boys are cultists/thieves. After much beating they swore that the boys must be killed so that they (uniport boyz) won’t report to police or call other students on them.

    Pls as u read this, ask urself some simple questions like y did they insist d boyz must die b4 other students or police will hear;

    (2) listen very well to what was said in d video. Painful! Getting those aluu boys to me is as easy as ABC, aluu is a small place, let’s start from people living around d scene, d boy that was owing him, etc.

    These hardworking boyz were very happy boyz who were very popular at organising shows. We’ve just lost our future celebrities and media youths. These are boyz who travel abroad.Now tell me what’s a laptop to them and where on earth is d laptop they stole???? we won’t sleep on dis, noooooo justice must prevail—–phina.

    Uniports students are rioting in Aluu, dats d evil community dat killed d youths and Gov Rotimi has arrested d chief of d community. We should never let this happen in our country again, cos tomorrow it could you, ur brother or ur friend. Rebroadcast the truth so their soul can rest in peace..

  3. I wish I knew them. I will kill them myself. That will still be jungle justice,right? Mmmmmmm

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