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Buhari’s Exploits In The South East – History That Can’t Be Wiped! By AWAZIE CHINOMNSO

BUHARI 1[Please read this article and let’s discuss what you think about the writer’s perspective…]

I’m getting nauseated by the current malfeasance by the usual miscreants on Social Media trying to insult the memory of my ancestors over Buhari. What is wrong with these people? Just when you tear one lie down, they come up with a stupider one! It’s really getting too annoying! Buhari loves Igbos right? Now look at the following;

‘Shoot at anything that moves’

Black Scorpion


A marryam for Obolo Afo/Akigwe/Azumiri/Azuakoli etc

‘Clearing out operations’

Oso agha

Take cover! (Note: to civilians)

Asaba Massacre (tens of thousands of youths, some as young as 6yrs were lined up and shot in cold blood!)BUHARI 4Any ‘proper’ Igboman, a complete NWAFO, whom efulefuism has not eaten his brain, will cringe at the memory of what these words and sentences stand for! Cries of children starving to death, women being raped, innocent civilians being shelled to death! Whole villages being wiped out! Entire people displaced! My mum of blessed memory always ended the story of her experience during the war with a forlorn stare into space; for her, an impervious rock in terms of emotion to REPEATEDLY give that reaction begins to tell you what we Igbos as a people went through. Dad would rather skip the subject! He was in the battle front, only he knows why he choses that path! And before I forget, you would have spoilt his day and MOST IMPORTANTLY yours if you broach that topic; na so so unnecessary aggression for the rest of the day for you so long as you are in sight!

Igbos have forgiven, but have not forgotten. The graves are there as PERMANENT reminders of this dark history. Occasional ‘relics’ in the mould of pieces of metals that used to be part of military equipment that decimated over 3million people are still being found at farms across the South-East and South-South!

Consider this piece of history below;

‘At the peak of the ethnic cleansing engaged by the federal troops on Igbos during the civil war, on December 5, 1968, the Biafran 60th Brigade under Col Azum Asoya began the main assault on Owerri in a bid to flush out the Federal genocidal forces, in which over 50,000 rounds of ammunition, 300 mortars, 200 howitzer shells and 20 anti-tank weapons were fired. On the other side, in the leadership of the criminal army of occupation and ethnic cleansing was a certainty CAPTAIN MUHAMMADU BUHARI (1st from the left on the first pix). He was the deputy commander of the 16th Division of the Nigerian Army who were out to finish EVERY LIVING THING in Owerri. The guns, shelling and mortars assaulted Owerri for days, and the death toll was so high!’

It’s equally worthy of note that whereas OBJ suggested a quick surgical operation to end the war then (not a good suggestion to me, mind you), this blood sucking demon of a man in connivance with certain wicked elements like Black Scorpion and the rest preferred to STARVE ALL IGBOS TO DEATH! And starve to death Igbos did. Pictures of those exploits are here to attest to that!BUHARI 2In the days of these atrocities;

– Salt was MORE precious that GOLD! I’m not using a figure of speech!
– Lizards got so smart that you don’t see them in plain sight no more!
– Cassava leaves turned a speciality, a treat, a gem in foods!
– You probably didn’t know that!

There were more fighter jets than kites in the air! And they meant business, the business of BOMBING CIVILIANS! Markets were their favourite bombing targets! Even when Biafrans invented the method of having markets under trees and other natural foliage that should provide cover from these air raids, they were still sought out and destroyed! One of the most wicked part of the whole thing is that EVEN CIVILIANS FLEEING ON ROADS WERE BOMBED FROM THE AIR BY forces directed by BUHARI and his co-murderers! My late mum survived two of such fighter-jet attacks due to small military training she had! Millions of others were not so lucky!

Federal troops were DIRECTED (by we know whom) to treat Biafran women as ‘spoils of war’! They were abducted, raped and in many cases killed if they resisted! In my clan, many children that resulted from this atrocity exist till date! These are scares that persist! Married women had to deny their marital status to protect their husband and children! Who are the persons that OVERSAW these war crimes?

This is same fellow some people without sense of history proclaim that ‘HE IS THEIR RELIGION’ right? There is this particular Nzeribe Enzo Uzordimma and one other efulefu that makes me want to puke with such hopeless rhetorics!

Has Buhari apologised to Igbos for that role he played? The panel set up to reconcile NIGERIANS and start the gradual process of healing old wounds, did Buhari honour the invitation to that panel? Has he shown any remorse over the 800+ Youth Corpers that the last words they heard before being cut like chikens was ‘Sai Buhari’? Has he not threatened another set of post-electoral violence as we speak? Has he quit his penchant for thinking of Igbos as his slaves? Allegedly, Driver = Igbo, Cook = Igbo. Him no get doctor? How about the accountants managing his affairs? His lawyers nko? Abi him no dey reach umbrella tree? Rubbish!BUHARI 3This is the ‪#‎BuhariYouShouldKnow‬. This is his legacy with the South East! We have forgiven, but not forgotten, for how can we? How??????

Meanwhile this one just happened on Saturday;

CNN : Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 77, has been hospitalised in France, according to French officials.

Why some fellows are hell-bound to let our name enter this kind of news is what beats me! All over Africa, grandpas that are presidents are dropping dead. Must we complete the list?


Article Written By: Awazie Chinomnso on Facebook

Photos supplied by Awazie Chinomnso



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  1. I think the time has come when we in the former Eastern Region in particular and Nigeria in general should forget about the unfortunate civil war and rather concentrate in making Nigeria a better place to live.
    With the creation of states which has really pleased the Eastern minorities, looking at the former Eastern Region as one unified entity looking up to an independent state of Biafra is nothing short of fallacy. Nigeria still remains a haunted country where the political leaders take the lion share of the national cake and leave the majority to struggle for the crumbs that fall from the masters table.
    Whether we believe it or not, the minorities of the former Eastern Region still remain as an endangered species despite her abundant natural resources. Our political leaders are self conceited and don’t speak with one voice hence other more politically matured/cooperative Nigerians in the name of One Nigeria swoop on and take full control of our God given black gold leaving us to wander as the goose that lays the golden eggs but enjoys nothing out of it.
    We from the former Eastern Region must come together as political equals to build bridges of unity among ourselves and use those bridges as launch pads to negotiate with other geopolitical zones for better economic/political deals for our sub region.
    Shedding tears about the civil war which was madness on either side WILL NEVER help us. Here I rest my case.

  2. I fee ashamed as an Igbo man that our fore father’s did not win the so called Biafraa war. WE ARE READY NOW.

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