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“Can I Pay You To Leave My Husband Alone?” Nigerian Woman Begs Husband’s Side Chick

woman-moneyA woman slid into another another married woman’s DM to bargain with her on how much money she needed to be paid off with to block her husband on Facebook. Read…

“He’s been my Facebook friend for the past three year but started a private conversation with me last week.

He wants a relationship with me.

I reminded him we are both married but he wouldn’t have any of that. So i begin to ignore him and all his “how are you my love”, “i miss you more than my wife”, “i can’t do without you” messages. Unknown to both of us, his wife was seeing all the messages.

Yesterday, his wife sent me a message begging me to not mind her randy husband that he is fond of doing that despite everything she has done for him. She even went ahead to tell me how she had to beg and financially settle his last side chick for her to leave her husband alone.

I was like ‘egbami’, so there are still mumu women who use money to ‘buy’ their husband back from side chicks? Something a man will never do. Anyway, I must collect my share too… I smiled to myself.

After all her epistle, i said, ‘Madam you don’t have the right to come to my inbox and try to talk me into leaving your husband. You made a vow with him, not me. In fact, i am going to start considering him cos of what you just did.

Na so she begin beg me o. She said she is ready to settle me with any amount. I grinned and asked for 300k. She said ok, she will send 200k but i should promise her that i will block her husband. I said even if you want me to block his village people too, i will oblige.

As soon as i received the alert few minutes ago, i blocked both husband and wife. That was how 200k waka enter my account without doing nothing.

My people, did i bargain well?”

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