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Canadian Teenager Writes “F**K You” On Her Double Chin In Response To Her Body-Shamers

TEEN-F-YOUA teen girl’s snapshot of her double chin has turned her into an internet sensation thanks to the harsh message she wrote to her body-shaming critics on the roll of her neck.

Hannah Battiste, 18, from Nova Scotia, Canada, took to her Facebook page last week to share a photo of herself posed with the words ‘F**k You’ written on her chin in response to her body-shamers.

Hannah wrote this caption beside her photo,

“My reaction when someone judges me.. “You gained weight”. So what? Being thick is a choice! “Why do you wear dresses?” Why tf not?

If I wanna wear a dress through all the seasons, then I’m going to! No matter what you do, whether it’s right or wrong, people are going to judge you..

Go ahead and judge me, I know who I am, and I know my purpose in life 🙌🏽❤️🖕🏽feeling loved.”

TEEN-F-YOU-2The teen told Buzzfeed that writing the words on her chin was just a funny thing to do at first, but then she thought should make her message meaningful.

Marissa Bubbenmoyer

Another teenager, Marissa Bubbenmoyer,who claimed Hannah inspired her also shared this photo on the comment thread…

Personally, I’m against body shaming any female. At the same time, I’m a mother to two teenagers who can’t pretend to ignore the danger signals of obesity as it pertains to one’s health.

At 18, if I gained weight, I did something about it…like cut down on sugar or do more exercise. I understand how exasperating it could be for Hannah with people judging her here and there…and not knowing the half of her struggles; but something in me also thinks, she could consider losing some weight to stay healthy.

Another disturbing trend is people feeling inspired by half truths. If something needs fixing in your life, be brave enough to analyse YOUR REALITY and fix it. If it doesn’t need fixing then ignore the haters. But if it does, your best revenge is overcoming that challenge or obstacle that prevents you from being YOUR BEST SELF.TEEN-F-YOU-1Hannah doesn’t need harsh criticism, she has documented her struggle with diabetes and her how it made her gain weight. She’s a beautiful strong woman who needs encouragement and I’m rooting for her to win. Some media reports described her as being curvy. I feel that’s very patronising and far from the truth. She can get her best body if she looks past harsh criticisms and puts her mind to it. Wishing her all the best.

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