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Caroline Danjuma Confirms Split With Billionaire Husband, Musa Danjuma

CAROLINE-MUSA DANJUMAThe first time people began to suspect that there might be trouble in Caroline Danjuma‘s marriage was when the actress deleted all her hubby Musa Danjuma‘s pictures from her Instagram page, and reverted to her maiden name ‘Hutchings’.

Weeks later, the Luxury Addict boss and mother of three finally admitted via social media that her marriage to the Billionaire was over.

In one of her post, the light-skinned actress alluded to her current status of being single when she shared a broken heart with the caption ‘No Regrets’ and had well wishers commenting on her status as well.CAROLINE-1
Caroline also posted two more memes to further announce her new relationship status.

According to reports, Caroline’s marriage of 10 years crashed due to what inside sources refer to as ‘Outside interference’ and Musa Danjuma’s uncontrollable love for the opposite sex.

Although, the pair are still living in the same house together, they are actually living like flat mates and it is reported that divorce proceedings has allegedly been initiated by one of them.

An insider close to the couple added that Caroline was fighting a lost battle and every time she succeeded in getting rid of any of Musa’s side chicks, a new one springs up from nowhere.

Whilst Caroline is allegedly focused on moving on, Musa’s side chick named Maya, a Nigerian based in the UK is pregnant with his fourth child and is expected to put to bed any moment from now.

Maya has also allegedly been bragging to close pals that every time Caroline leaves town, she arrives Nigeria and sleeps on her matrimonial bed, eats from her plate and checks out her wardrobe and swore that as soon as the divorce is through she would move in and become the next Mrs Danjuma..

Before now, stories of battery have been circulating around but Caroline blatantly denied the rumours. In fact sources close to the situation who pleaded anonymity say that the bouts of beating was such that she would be stripped naked, beaten blue black and locked away sometimes for up to 5 days until her husband deemed her sober and she came out to beg. “The beating was getting too much, she had to runway and lay low for a while because she feared for her life,” another source told MDB. Of course, Caroline has always denied the rumours, but now her new status confirms the story.

I wish Caroline well and pray she pulls out of this stronger and better.



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