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“Caroline Danjuma Lied About Davido Killing Tagbo” – Davido’s Camp Reveal

tagbo-597x599Following accusations by actress Caroline Danjuma that singer Davido murdered a boy named Tagbo (pictured above), sources in the latter’s camp have come out to say the actress is a blatant liar.

According to LIB who reached out to Davido’s camp, Davido was at shisha lounge for a birthday party the night the incident happened, he saw Tagbo and his friends, greeted them and went on with his business.

Davido however left that location one hour later and hours later was informed of Tagbo’s death.

The singer was allegedly not around the club when Tagbo died as claimed and  it wasn’t his car that was used to transport Tagbo to general hospital.

Videos exclusively  obtained by LIB show the last moments of Tagbo. He was seen in the video drinking at a bar with someone shouting out that he doesn’t have the body to consume all the alcohol in front of him. He died a few hours after this videos were shot.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



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